Manufacture of moisture-proof carton-making method (I)

Corrugated boxes are green packaging, which not only has value in use but also has recycling value for recycling. With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection by the whole society, the consumer groups of corrugated cartons are increasing day by day. Faced with a broad development trend ......Reading more

Design - the way of visual impact (2)

NO.3: color induction In the figure, the main color blocks use red and gray, and the white blocks on the large background are in sharp contrast with the red lines. In contrast to the strong contrast of the balance color, gray also plays a certain proportion with the red color. The theme text bioh ......Reading more

Cardboard Flatness Best Solution--Board Warping Detaile…

Preheater removes surface moisture The preheater is the only reliable tool for operators of corrugated board production lines to remove moisture from the tissue. It is estimated that the factors that are most likely to affect the moisture removal effect are the production speed of the corrugated ......Reading more

Foreign Agency Directory

China Patent Agent (Hong Kong) Ltd. 22/F, Eagle Centre, 23 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Yongxin Patent & Trademark Agency Co., Ltd. Room 103, Wing On Plaza, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong Longtian International Patent & Trademark Agency Co., Ltd. Room 03-05, 16th Floor, Harc ......Reading more

Japan researches and develops wood powder plastic

Japanese scientists recently researched and developed a wood flour plastic from pine wood. Polyurethane is produced by removing polyhydric alcohol from pine wood and reacting with isocyanate. The plastic is extremely resistant to heat and can be biodegraded and can be used to make temperature-resi ......Reading more

Experts talk about corrugated paper procurement - impor…

â– Appropriate purchase of base paper According to the different requirements of different cartons, purchase the appropriate base paper. In summary, it can be summarized as follows: For cartons with high burst strength requirements, domestic or imported high-strength cattle cards should be u ......Reading more