Imported stage pine wood flooring

OS European flooring is the main brand of Beijing Century Naide Technology Co., Ltd. The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production, packaging and sales. As a professional pvc plastic flooring manufacturer, OS Euclidean has participated in and set up exhibitions at the C ......Reading more

Adhesive printing process and its precautions

The so-called stickers printing is the trademark, label, advertising layout pattern printed on a special composite paper, the composite paper is a good quality surface paper (back) coated with adhesive water, bonded to the surface of wax coating On the bottom of the paper. When used, as long as th ......Reading more

XZN-3 Instructions for use

XZN-3 series rotary viscosity measuring instrument is a general-purpose viscosity measuring instrument that meets T0625-2000 standard. Compared with similar products, it has a wide measurement range (up to 15,000,000mPa? S), high measurement accuracy, stable measurement data, man-machine The interfa ......Reading more

Furniture dealers tend to explore the new mode of termi…

No matter how many furniture companies are on the road to export, they can't ignore the most valuable brand influence brought by the terminal channel; no matter how many dollars the furniture company earns through export, it can't be abandoned to condense countless consumer loyalty. Dealer. ......Reading more

High school mathematics: 1-1-1 algorithm concept 1 coll…

High school mathematics: the concept of 1-1-1 algorithm 1 courseware (mandatory version A compulsory 3) 1. Double-base goal (1) Experience the idea and characteristics of the algorithm and understand the meaning of the algorithm. Can explain the algorithm steps to solve simple problems. Through exam ......Reading more

Process characteristics and principle of laser imprint …

BAIDU_CLB_fillSlot("858283"); The principle of the laser imprint transfer process is to combine the embossed film with laser micro-grooves that can be used multiple times with UV varnish. After UV curing, the laser embossed film is peeled off, and the cured UV varnish is cured. The surf ......Reading more

3. The purpose of the comprehensive test chamber and th…

The three-combined test chamber is mainly the fault of the climate chamber and the vibration test machine. During the test, the temperature, humidity, vibration, air pressure and electrical stress are integrated in the same climate test chamber to the sample for temperature and humidity vibration ......Reading more