Mail box

Patent Name Mail Box Patent Applicant Mattel Corporate Principal Applicant Address California inventor James Patrick Kati; Christina Mary Peterson; Richard Weintraub; Jeffrey S Osnato; Linda Ankar Application (Patent) No. 200480003661.4 Date of Application 2004.02.04 Approval Date Approval Notice ......Reading more

Carton packing machine

Patent Name Carton Packaging Machine Patent Applicant Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 310011 Inventor Shi Zheng, Ji Yonglin, Ding Yanfen, Wang Jianping, Zhan Shuwen (No. 3, Fangjiabang Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China) Patent No. 2004 ......Reading more

The culprit of the imprinting phenomenon

In the printing process, the phenomenon of imprinting deformation is commonplace. Based on past practical experience, various factors that cause imprinting deformation in the printing process are summarized below for reference by peers. 1. Plate Factors <br> Currently, the PS plates used in ......Reading more

Reliable and cost-effective Enko series die-cutting mac…

The economical Enko series die cutting machines, which are sold by the British Cava Co., Ltd., are both automated and semi-automated and come in a variety of models to meet the needs of most customers. In addition, if the customer requires the machine to have more functional modules than the stand ......Reading more

Packaging cover and box

Patent Name Package Cover and Box Patent Applicant Mark Emmanuel Van Ergten Main Applicant Address Heiswijk Inventor Marco Emanuel Van Ergten; Alphonse · Maria van Ergten (patent) No. 200480002381.1 Date of application 2004.01.19 Award date Approval Notice No. 1738748 Date of approval announcem ......Reading more

Method for packing asphalt

Patent Name Packaging Method for Asphalt Patent Patent Applicant Poehner Engineering Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address Vienna, Austria Inventor A. Bonner Application (Patent) No. 200380108935.1 Application Date 2003.11.19 Certification Date Approval Publication No. 1738745 Auditing Announcemen ......Reading more

Roll toilet paper packing box

Patent name Roll toilet paper packaging box Patent applicant Zheng Siliang Principal Applicant Address 514021 No. 22, Jiangyi Xueyi Road, Meizhou, Guangdong Province Inventor Zheng Siliang Application (Patent) No. 200420043129.2 Application Date 2004.02.28 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 27 ......Reading more