Furniture dealers tend to explore the new mode of terminal channels

No matter how many furniture companies are on the road to export, they can't ignore the most valuable brand influence brought by the terminal channel; no matter how many dollars the furniture company earns through export, it can't be abandoned to condense countless consumer loyalty. Dealer.

The 2012 Shanghai International Furniture Fair seems to be becoming a gathering place for Chinese furniture companies' export brands. At the same time, in the internal and external difficulties, the terminal channels of furniture companies have advanced to the most dangerous barriers. How to develop terminal channels? For furniture companies, this has become an industry issue that cannot be ignored.

The terminal is difficult to do furniture business growth from the price increase?

Despite the difficult market situation, from the data cited by Chen Baoguang, vice chairman of the China Furniture Association, Chinese furniture companies have achieved relatively “bright” results in the national economy: from January to July, there are 3,000 enterprises above designated size. The industrial output value of more than 100 million yuan increased by 16%; the export volume was more than 10 billion US dollars, an increase of 28%; from the month of the month, from May to July, the monthly growth rate is expanding.

Does such a set of data mean a satisfactory answer sheet? According to Chen Baoguang's analysis, in the 16% increase, the sales volume of furniture products is more than 320 million sets, which only contributed about 1.3% growth. Therefore, the other increase is more from price increase factors, especially low. The price increase of the end products is the most obvious.

Such a situation undoubtedly brought the most direct pressure on the dealers at the front line. Compared with the third- and fourth-line markets and the central and western regions where the rising potential has yet to be explored, the first- and second-tier cities represented by the North-Shangguang and other industries are most affected by housing control and credit, and the sales of dealers have fallen sharply, even down 20%. 30% is normal.

Chen Baoguang lamented: "I am full of sympathy for the dealers. I think they are too bitter."

Dealers and companies should create a brand

Large companies still have the strength to support a downturned market, and more dealers are vulnerable to risk. Many business people will compare dealers to their loved ones. Then, in the situation of deteriorating terminal channels, how can the "relatives of loved ones" help each other and tide over the difficulties? In the eyes of many furniture people, a deep change is bound to be inevitable.

Song Huang, general manager of FINE Refined Furniture China, found that the composition of dealers is constantly becoming younger. Now, the dealers after the 70s are very active, and even after the 80s, they are starting to stage. This group is just beginning a new career. Dealer. The renewal of the age group not only brought fresh blood to the furniture industry, but also brought vigor and confidence to the industry. So where does confidence come from? What kind of innovation should the “new generation” dealers bring to the operation?

Song Huang explained the development process of his own company in China: "When opening a self-operated store in China in 2006, the popularity was not high enough, the brand was not perfect, and the terminal was not perfect. Therefore, many detours have been taken. Calling an industry brand, the terminal brand simply can't be called." And his experience is just a microcosm of the entire Chinese furniture industry. Therefore, furniture people must learn the lesson, especially dealers should "go out of a new road, do not wait for a brand to develop into a real brand, but to create a brand with the enterprise." Song Huang concluded that the construction of channels and brands should not be in a sequential order and must be built together – this is the commonality of many industries.

In the creation of the terminal channels of furniture enterprises, “new” seems to have reached the consensus of the furniture people. In addition to the "new" brand in the co-construction, Saint-Chue furniture marketing director Wang Tidong pointed out that it should also be "new" in the model.

From the era of sales, to the era of marketing, to the era of information and services, the object of Chinese furniture companies' learning - American furniture - has experienced the development of three eras, while China has entered the past two decades ahead of the United States. The age of information and services.

Under this market shock, Wang Tidong believes that China's furniture hypermarket will one day die because it can't provide its own unique products and services. The response that furniture companies and distributors should make is to find out the services that are suitable for them, including IT services, etc., and create a whole new model.

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