Emotions and Inspirations from Packaging Colors (I)

As a design language, color has a deep and profound meaning expressed in the field of packaging design. The outline drawing, shape, font, and texture are more visually appealing, appealing and have abstract character characteristics. Therefore, color is the element of commodity packaging, and it is the soul of sales packaging. This article analyzes the close relationship between color revelation and packaging color creation, and lists the sources of multiple sources of inspiration for color creation and the ways in which they are derived. At the same time, it explained the important role of packaging color in the market sales.

The creative concept of packaging colors is usually not open, and the inspiration of color design is often ignited by revelation. What is revelation? From a psychological perspective, revelation is to find solutions to problems from other things. The reason why this kind of revelation can work is mainly because the prototype of things has certain common points and similarities with the things to be created, and new methods for solving problems are created through association.

Light and color inspiration

Color, as a visual experience of the objective world, forms information through the human visual organs and enables people to recognize it. It can be said that vision is the beginning of human understanding of the world. It is just a necessary condition for the perception of color. The color comes from light. Therefore, light is the source of color, and color is the expression of light.

People's color perception information transmission path is the light source, color objects, eyes and brain, that is, the four major elements of color perception. These four elements not only give people a sense of color, they are also conditions for correct judgment of color. Among these four elements, if one is not correct or there is a change in observation, the effect of color and color cannot be correctly judged.

The radiant energy of the light source and the reflection of the object belong to the category of physics, but the brain and the eye are the contents of physiology research, but the color is always based on physics; and the color feeling always contains the reflection of the psychological and physiological effects of color. Make people produce a series of contrasts and associations.

The Enlightenment of Color Personality and Association

Understanding the personality characteristics and mental associations of colors has important implications for the design and creation of packaging colors.

Red-red wavelength is the longest, penetrating power, high perception, reminiscent of the sun, flame, blood, flowers, etc., feeling warm, excited, lively, passionate, active, loyal, healthy, full, full, happy, etc. Upward tendencies. Red has always been our country's traditional festive color, but it is also considered to be a symbol of primitiveness, violence, and danger.

The orange-orange wavelength is second only to red, so it also has the characteristic of long wavelengths, which accelerates the pulse and has a feeling of temperature rise. Orange is a very lively color. It is the warmest color in the warm color system. It reminds people of the golden autumn, fruitful, sweet and sour taste, a rich, happy and happy color.

Yellow is light, bright, transparent, lively, brilliant, hopeful, and healthy. Yellow has a golden glow and therefore symbolizes wealth and power. It is the color of pride. The black or purple background can make yellow reach the strength of unlimited expansion. Because yellow is easily reminiscent of the skin of many fruits, it can give rise to an acidic appetite. However, there are also some negative meanings such as lightness, instability, and changes in five times.

Green In nature, with the exception of the sky, rivers and oceans, green has the largest area, and grass and leaf plants are almost everywhere. It symbolizes life, youth, peace, serenity, and freshness. Green is most suitable for the eyes of the human eye, which has the function of eliminating fatigue and regulating. Yellow-green gives people the breath of spring and is popular with people. Blue-green and dark-green are the colors of oceans and forests. They have far-reaching, steady, calm and intelligent associations.

The blue color is a broad color, and the vastest scenery such as the sky and the sea are blue. Dark blue also reminds people of an innocent universe or a flowing atmosphere. Therefore, blue is also a symbol of eternity. Blue is the coolest color and reminds people of the blue projection on the glaciers. It represents a sense of calmness, reason, and purity. It means calm, cold, rational, profound, and transparent. As humankind continues to develop its space business, it has a strong sense of modernity that symbolizes high technology. Of course, blue also has its other character, such as stereotype, indifference and so on.

Purple has the shortest wavelength, noble, graceful, dignified and luxurious temperament. Sometimes it feels lonely and negative. Especially the darker or darker gray purple, it is easy to give people the impression of ominous, decadent,: death. However, the light gray red-purple or blue-purple colors have an elegant and mysterious sense of time similar to that of space and cosmic colors and are widely used in modern life.

Black and white black and white are the final abstractions of color, representing the cathode and anode of the color world. The Taiji pattern is a cycle of black and white to express the eternal movement of the universe. The abstract expressiveness and mystery of black and white seem to go beyond the depth of any color. Black and white are extreme opposites, but sometimes we feel that there is an unpredictable commonality between them. Both white and black can express fear and sorrow for death. Both have unsurpassable illusion and infinite spirit. Black and white always show their own strength by the presence of each other. They seem to dominate the entire color world.

Gray is a neutral color, and its prominent character is soft, meticulous, smooth, simple and generous. It does not significantly affect other colors like black and white, so the background color is ideal. Any color can be mixed with the gray, a slight hue containing gray can give people an elegant, delicate, subtle, stable, refined, civilized and literate sense of luxury. Of course, the abuse of gray is also easy to expose its boring, lonely, melancholy, no passion, no interest side.

In addition to the precious metal colors such as gold and silver, all the colors are glossy and have gorgeous features. The golden grandeur symbolizes prosperity and wealth; silver is elegant and noble, symbolizes purity, and is milder than gold. They are compatible with other colors and are almost universal. A small area of ​​embellishment is eye-catching and refreshing, and the use of a large area will produce excessively dazzling and negative effects, appearing to be flashy and losing its sense of stability. If used cleverly, not only can it play the role of finishing touch, but also produce a strong sense of modern high-tech beauty.

(to be continued)

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