How is the quality of laminate flooring? Is the laminate flooring environmentally friendly?

There are many types of wooden floors on the market, and laminate flooring just caters to the needs of most families who are pursuing cost-effective decoration. The styles are variable, the prices are close to the people, and they are durable and durable. Therefore, they are sought after by many decorators. But many first-time owners will ask, is the quality of laminate flooring reliable? Today, the editor will come to answer the doubts of these owners!

How about the quality of laminate flooring

1. The advantages of laminate flooring

Easy installation: Since the reinforced wood floor is provided with tenons and grooves on all four sides, it only needs to fit the tenons and grooves together to form a precise bite. The overall effect of the ground after laying is good, the color is uniform, and the visual effect is good. The floor can be directly installed on the ground or other floor surfaces without the need to hit the ground dragon. In addition, laminate flooring can be paved from anywhere in the room, which is simple and fast.

Stain resistance: When a stain falls on the surface of a wooden material, it easily penetrates and is difficult to clean. The surface of laminate flooring is completely free of this trouble. Because the surface is a special material, even if the ink drops, it will not penetrate. It can only stay on the surface and can be cleaned with a mop.

Good wear resistance: The wear layer on the surface of the reinforced wood floor is specially treated to achieve a high hardness, even if it is sharpened with a hard object such as a key, it will not leave traces. The biggest advantage of this advantage is that you no longer have to shrink your hands to protect the floor in daily life.

Good care: wear-resistant and dirt-resistant floors are naturally easy to care for. Even if you do n’t take care of it for a while, you do n’t have to worry about the floor being damaged. This is especially useful for young families who are usually busy.

Low price: When the price of solid wood flooring is still rising, the price of laminate flooring is gradually declining. Now the general laminate flooring on the market can be bought at a price of 50 yuan / square meter. The budget spent on the floor can save a lot. Reinforced wood floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, base material and balance layer. The wear-resistant layer, decorative layer and balance layer are printed manually. The base material is made of fast-growing forest wood. The cost is lower than that of solid wood flooring.

Less annoyance: Due to the simple installation and maintenance of laminate flooring, the annoyance caused by the floor is naturally less.

Easy care: Because the wear-resistant layer of the surface layer of the reinforced wood floor has good wear resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance, fire retardant, chemical pollution resistance, etc., in daily use, just use a wringed rag, mop or vacuum For cleaning, if the floor is greasy or stained, wipe it with a cloth dampened with detergent.

Second, the disadvantages of laminate flooring

Poor comfort: The thickness of laminate flooring is usually less than 1mm, and the materials used are all artificial, so the comfort is naturally a bit worse. But this problem should be viewed in this way: the comfort of laminate flooring is not good enough, but its price is only 1/4 of solid wood flooring, or even lower, and the advantages of laminate flooring are just what solid wood flooring does not, and Not everyone puts comfort first when choosing a floor.

Poor decorative effect: The surface layer of the reinforced wood floor is a wear-resistant layer and a decorative layer, which are papers printed with bionic technology. Compared with natural solid wood, the overall laying effect is distorted and the visual effect is more rigid.

Not enough environmental protection: Glue must be used in the manufacture of laminate flooring, so the formaldehyde content has become an important standard for measuring the quality of laminate flooring. However, there is no need for everyone to "smell formaldehyde and change color" in this respect, one-sidedly thinking that laminate flooring is not an environmentally friendly material. The state has clear regulations on the formaldehyde content of laminate flooring, and products that do not meet the standard must never be marketed. What's more, many domestic well-known brands of laminate flooring are produced in accordance with E1, E0 European standards, environmental protection is absolutely guaranteed.

Editor's summary: The quality of laminate flooring is introduced here. The advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring are very obvious, everyone should choose according to their needs. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the information on this website, or go to this website mall to find more favorite products!

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