Analysis of reasons behind the proliferation of counterfeit oil bottles

At present, the sales of the oil market has grown rapidly. However, all types of counterfeit oils have also begun to flood. The entire market is promiscuous. Among them, oil bottle packaging is very easy to obtain due to poor security and poor supervision. The oil bottles of various famous brands have caused great confusion in the market.

So, what are the inflow routes for these oil bottles? First, the recovery of all types of used oil bottles, these brand-name oil bottles, because of the low recovery rate, a large number of shelved in the hands of ordinary consumers, repair shops. Counterfeit vendors look at this market loophole and recycle it through high-priced forms. Then, by selling counterfeit and inferior motor oils in brand-name oil bottles, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to identify. Secondly, some small and medium sized oil bottle manufacturers cannot afford high-priced incentives to illegally manufacture counterfeit oil bottles because the oil bottles are generally not high in security. Therefore, the oil bottles are easy to counterfeit.

In response to this phenomenon, it should be improved from these aspects. First of all, the oil bottles should maintain product innovation, continue to introduce new products, and accelerate the replacement of packaging, which will increase the cost of counterfeit packaging of oil bottles. Secondly, to enhance the anti-counterfeiting performance of oil bottles, reference can be made to the anti-counterfeit forms of cosmetic packaging. Again, the recovery of oil bottles should be further enhanced and strengthened. Finally, oil bottle manufacturers should also strengthen industry self-regulation.

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