Japanese Madou skin care tips are open to you.

The makeup, hairstyle and clothing of Japanese Madou have always been the object of many MMs' imitating, so why is Japanese Madou so popular with everyone? In addition to the sweet looks, smooth and fair skin is also very attractive. Today, I will take a look at the Japanese Madou skin care tips with Xiaobian to see how they care for the skin , so that you can also sprout!

Mori Painted Pear

Mori Painted Pear

Chinese name: Mori painted pear, height: 159cm, weight: 43kg, birthday: October 4, 1988. Mori Painted Lijia started his modeling career at the age of 12 when he joined the youth magazine "CANDY". In 2005, he officially debuted as a model of "SEVENTEEN". Currently serving as a beautiful consultant for women's magazines such as MAQUIA and VoCE.

The petite and cute Mori Pear is proud of its sleek, soft face and delicate and transparent texture. Under the guidance of a beautician, Mori Painted Pear has always insisted on using the method of washing her face with cold water, even in the cold winter. She believes that this can make the skin fully hydrated and the cold water can penetrate into the skin more easily, making the skin more supple and transparent.

Ichikawa Yarn

Ichikawa Yarn

Chinese name: Ichikawa Saucer, height: 168cm, weight: 45kg, birthday: February 14, 1987. She is the exclusive model of magazines such as MORE, 25Ans, BAILA, and Sweet.

Ichikawa Sai is a mixed-race child. The tall figure is naturally the reason why she became the darling of the peas world, but her clean and tidy face is the main reason. Ichikawa Sauce, who loves hamburger meat, never worried about the problem of acne. She told reporters generously that her beauty care secret is to insist on drinking only skim yoghurt every week, and proper exercise can make the skin smoother and more meticulous.

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