Global Unique Acrylic Polyhedral Acoustic Cover Has Finally Come To Bright Light

On May 18, 2018, China LangFang International Economic And Trade Fair was officially opened at the International Cultural Exchange Center Of The Silk Road, which is the largest cultural complex in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The concert hall, which is located in the cultural center, presents us with a very creative product - diamond shaped acrylic polyhedral acoustic cover. This acoustic cover has 10 meters in diameter, weight of 8 tons, full acrylic appearance, using 25 mm acrylic sheet, without any exposed steel structure. It is more than gorgeous just like the visual feast.

Main Picture Of Acrylic Polyhedral Acoustic CoverAcrylic Polyhedral Acoustic Cover 2

Our company has been involved in the research and development process for this large acrylic polyhedral acoustic cover, and has exclusively complete the production and construction on site. The acrylic acoustic cover has been completed and applied in the concert hall recently. Countless times of design and adjustments have condensed the wisdom and sweat of APEX, we have to take not only the sound effect of the perfect into consideration, but also the visual effects.

Acrylic Polyhedral Acoustic Cover 3Acrylic Polyhedral Acoustic Cover 4

Because of using acrylic sheet of a thickness of 25 mm, the hot bending or adhesive has increased a lot of difficulty to the construction process. What a landmark product, which has made each APEX employee feel so proud.

Acrylic Polyhedral Acoustic Cover 5

Acrylic Polyhedral Acoustic Cover 6

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