New PC foaming agent is introduced in the United States

Bergen International, Inc. of New Jersey, USA, has developed the XO-230, an exothermic chemical foaming agent for polycarbonate (PC). This product is suitable for high temperature foam PC products, such as structural foam molding, injection molding and extrusion foam molding. The advantage of XO-230 is that it does not generate water vapor, so it will not cause polymer degradation and lead to brittle materials. However, some foaming agents decompose to generate water vapor, open chain of polymer chains, and decrease physical properties.

XO-230 is a granular masterbatch and is particularly suitable for structural foam molding where maximum relative density reduction is required. It can also be used for injection molding and can reduce or eliminate defects such as product warpage dents. (Guangwei)

Source: China Chemical News

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