Nippon Paper Co., Ltd. issues WAVYWAVY® WVU series industrial paper bags

China Packaging Network Compilation: Nippon Paper Co., Ltd. has issued WAVYWAVY® WVU series bleachable stretchable paper. This kind of paper is tougher than conventional types of kraft paper and is more difficult to tear. This paper is made from unbleached pulp. The WVU series features extensibility and is unique to WAVYWAVY®, which saves the production of industrial paper bags.

[Product performance]

1. Save on bagging resources <br>Compared with existing unbleached kraft paper and stretch paper, it is more tolerant to weight and more resilient. Therefore it is an ideal paper for making bags. This enables conventional three-layer bags to be replaced with two-layer bags. The reduction in the number of layers and weight can reduce resource usage.

However, saving resources is not the only benefit, and the WAVYWAVY® WVU Series can reduce the weight of post-use industrial waste, which drastically reduces disposal costs.

2. Increased bag strength
This newly released paper can be used as an auxiliary material for the bottom end of the rectangular bag and the bag handle to improve the strength.

3. Increased practicality and designability <br> Vertical stripes on the surface of the paper bag can effectively prevent the bags from sliding to each other. The WVU series paper bag stacking is very stable and reliable. The vertical stripes can easily make the bag stylish and unique texture. .

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