Lanzhou Furniture Market: Black workshops are everywhere

The famous brand sofas , beds and cabinets that were advertised as “made in the field” actually came from the black workshops in the suburbs of Lanzhou North Beach and Qingbai Stone! Like the “Da Vinci” fraudulent turmoil in the furniture industry, the reporter found that There is also a shocking shady scene in the Lanzhou furniture market.

Recently, the reporter learned in an unannounced visit that some "precious" furniture made by black workshops without any formalities are full of the market. According to industry sources, most of the furniture sold in the Lanzhou furniture market is made locally. However, in order to make huge profits, many black-hearted traders have posted “outside-made” brands to deceive consumers, and their profits are as high as 100%. Furniture counterfeiting and impersonation of brand-name furniture has become an open secret in the industry.

Black workshop used to make raw materials for OEM furniture

Black workshop to produce springs for use in OEM furniture

A. Complaint: The foreign creation is “souvenir”

Recently, Mr. Zhang reported to the newspaper that a few days ago, his family was undergoing renovations, so he went to the Yantan furniture market to purchase furniture. He found that there are many brands in the furniture market, and there are all kinds of brands such as “Guangzhou Made”, “Chengdu Made” and “Hangzhou Made”. When he bought a door in a shop, the boss recommended the Hangzhou solid wood door and said that he was an agent. The recommended solid wood door in Hangzhou was because the door was fine workmanship and fashionable. The boss also took out the relevant agency documents to let him see, Mr. Zhang felt credible, he chose several styles and ordered 8 doors.

Ten days later, the boss sent the solid wood door to his house. When he installed the door, he discovered that the north beach was the place to make solid wood doors. Mr. Zhang asked the boss how the Hangzhou solid wood door was “Lanzhou made”? The boss told him that most of the solid wood doors and furniture in Lanzhou market were “Lanzhou made”, just to attract the attention of consumers. . He realized that at the time of purchase, the boss claimed that the delivery of the factory in Hangzhou was only a scorpion, and that the delivery was made after 10 days of designation in order to obtain time for processing.

B. Unannounced visits: the northern beach becomes a "black base"

In the past few days, the reporter came to the North Beach for an interview based on the clue provided by Mr. Zhang. The reporter looked around. Although it is a suburb, it is very lively in a bungalow. Every time a factory building, you can hear the sound of a chainsaw. The reporter walked into a compound and saw that there were rows of workshops on both sides. Each factory was filled with semi-finished furniture, some were made of sofas, some were made of mattresses, and some were made of beds and desks. Chairs and other supplies, even the springs for sofas are made here, completely becoming the "base" for the manufacture of furniture.

Under the guidance of the industry, the reporter said that he wanted to find a furniture processing factory in Lanzhou to produce OEM furniture for himself. In an unnamed factory on the southwest side of the compound, a workshop for branding furniture was found. After a chill, the owner of the workshop said without hesitation: "There are all selling antique furniture in this line, or you can't make any money at all. If you buy it here, what brand can be 'posted'!" The boss told reporters that his factory can make 200 sheets in a batch of beds.

"I am going to the city every day to deliver goods, and many cities around the city to order my goods." The boss said. When the reporter asked if he could post the trademark of his own agent, the boss said: "Of course, you want to post 'Chengdu made'. You want to post 'Guangzhou made'. The furniture in these places is famous." The owner of a processing factory in Beibeitan also showed the brand to others for the reporter. The reporter saw the sign showing “Green Environmental Protection Standard Products” and “Shandong Quality Inspection Association”. The reporter carefully observed the sign and looked very rough. The boss said: "This is not a fake, just do it."

C. Survey: Black workshop furniture floods the brand market

In an unannounced visit, the owner of a furniture workshop revealed that there are many fake branded furniture made in the north beach and the Qingbai stone, and some are dedicated to several brand furniture markets in the city. On May 18, the reporter went to several furniture markets in Yantan. Walking into a brand store, a middle-aged woman came over and she is the sales manager here. When I saw the author walked to a wooden bed, she said: "This is the brand of Chengdu, there is no adulterated ingredients." When the reporter shook his head and left, the manager hurriedly said that if you want, there are also local real estate, Can be cheaper.

Subsequently, the reporter came to the sofa monopoly area and happened to meet a boss who was seen in the South Beach workshop during the unannounced visit. He pulled a solid wood sofa and came to the furniture market for delivery. When he unloaded the sofa, the reporter noticed that the trademark of "Guangzhou Muyi" was attached to it. Later, when the reporter walked into the store to ask, the owner of the store insisted that his sofa was a real Guangzhou goods, and took out a document to let reporters see it, including the quality inspection report of the quality supervision department.

According to industry sources, these furniture are actually produced in small workshops, and then sent to the furniture market. The business owners put their trademarks on sale, the price can be turned up three or four times, and some have a very foreign name.

D, secret: the amazing profits of OEM furniture

How about the profit of the small workshop furniture industry? When the reporter visited Qingbaiishi, the owner of a furniture processing factory said: "We cost 800 yuan for a bed, sell it to you for 1,300 yuan, and put a brand at least 2600 yuan, your profit. Still 100%."

The reporter saw a lot of furniture materials in the furniture market are the same, but the price difference is a lot, the same wardrobe some sell seven or eight thousand, and some sell three or four thousand. The words of a shopping guide unraveled the reporter's doubts: "The furniture can't be seen by ordinary people. You only see the surface. Originally 2000 yuan of furniture, after you put on a good brand and sell 3,000 yuan, you can't see anything. come out."

Mr. Liu, a furniture agent, said that the decoration of furniture has become a "noble". The current market for solid wood furniture is chaotic. From low-end goods of several thousand yuan to high-end goods of hundreds of thousands of yuan, there are many problems. Especially in the low-end market, some manufacturers use the "solid wood furniture" brand, which can be used in places that consumers can't see, such as inside the frame. Some of them use MDF, particle board, etc. instead of solid wood boards. Too much glue is extremely harmful to the human body.

The reporter found that the joints of the cities of Qingbaishi and Beibantan have been covered with furniture black workshops in recent years. These workshops have no relevant procedures and are produced here with impunity. At the same time, many black workshops have not obtained fire permits, and there are many fire hazards. In the event of a fire in such a "workshop" timber factory, it is difficult for fire trucks to fight in depth and it is easy to cause irreparable and heavy losses. (Source: China Gansu Net)

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