Reference point for purchasing the whole wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] From the appearance point of view, there is no big difference in the wardrobe on the market. In fact, there are many details and differences in this, and how to scientifically purchase a whole wardrobe is a must in our daily home life. There must be no decoration knowledge. Here, we propose some suggestions for purchasing a wardrobe:

1, first look at the selection of the wardrobe. Professional manufacturers use environmentally-friendly plates that meet national testing standards, while some manufacturers use inferior plates that have no test reports and pose a potential threat to human health. Therefore, to buy a wardrobe, we should first look at whether the merchant has a plate inspection report and relevant inspection certificate from the national authority inspection department.

2. Look at the veneer of the plate. Some wardrobes look good on the surface, however, with a light stroke, you can draw obvious scratches. These wardrobes are made of surface-coated vellum paper and ornate paper sheets that are often used in low-cost wardrobes on the market, and have poor wear resistance. The professional manufacturers use the environmentally-friendly melamine veneer with thicker immersion paint and high temperature and high pressure treatment, which has high surface strength, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance.

3. Look at the edge of the board. Professional manufacturers use precision panel saws to cut sheets, and there is no chipping around the sheets. After the edges are sealed, the water in the air is effectively prevented from intruding into the interior of the board. Some manufacturers have no professional equipment, rough cutting, and obvious edge collapse around them. Some even cut corners and only cut one side of the front side of the board. The unsealed surface easily absorbs moisture from the air, causing the sheet to swell, causing the wardrobe to deform and affecting the service life.

4. Look at the processing method. Professional manufacturers use professional automatic edge banding machine, using environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive to seal the edges, and the veneer is firm. The auxiliary materials used in the production process are environmentally friendly, in order to ensure the environmental protection of the final produced wardrobe, and to ensure that there are no harmful substances. Some manufacturers, without professional processing equipment, use ordinary universal glue to manually seal the edges, easy to pull off the drum. In addition, the harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde contained in this rubber are seriously exceeded, posing a potential threat to human health.

5. Look at the backplane structure. Professional manufacturers use a backing plate with a thickness of 5mm or more, melamine veneer, and a trough-type reverse leather lap joint structure to prevent the back plate from directly absorbing the moisture on the wall surface. Some brands have thin back plates and are connected by nail-type back plates. The back plates are in direct contact with the wall. The moisture on the wall is easily absorbed by the plates, which is easy to get wet, moldy and deformed, and the cabinet loses its seal. Sex.

6, see if it is customized for professional home. Brand wardrobes are professionally produced. Functional parts (drawers, trousers racks, tie trays, etc.) are standard designs. The width, depth and height are standard. At the same time, in order to meet the individual needs of customers, we also provide customized quality. And in line with the concept of professional custom home.

7, look at hardware accessories. Professional manufacturers use famous factory accessories, quality assurance. Accessories are often hidden, consumers are difficult to identify, and you have to carefully push and pull. Accessories are an important element of wardrobes, bookcases and sliding doors, and are important indicators for ensuring the comfort and durability of household products.

8, look at the manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting signs and services. Professional manufacturers in the wardrobe edge strips, cabinet door profiles, pulleys, and even sheet veneers, there are obvious manufacturers of anti-counterfeiting labels, quality, maintenance are guaranteed, consumers can rest assured to use.

9, look at the matching and systematic of furniture. Professional panel furniture manufacturing enterprises can not only make wardrobes, cloakrooms, bookcases, but also provide system home furnishing products such as shoe cabinets, wine cabinets, beds, dressing tables, bedside tables and rotating hangers. The overall coordinated design eliminates the hassle of consumers going east and west. And the panel is unified, the color is coordinated, the style is matched, and the furniture is high.

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