The application of five new technologies on packaging machine

Vacuum packaging machine is a type of packaging machinery series, vacuum packaging technology originated in the 1940s. Since the successful application of polyester and polyethylene plastic films in commodity packaging in 1950, vacuum packaging machines have been rapidly developed. Their technological development trends are mainly reflected in high productivity, automation, single machine multi-function, production line formation, and the use of related new technologies. These 5 aspects.

1. High productivity. The productivity of the vacuum packaging machine has grown from several pieces per minute to several pieces, and the productivity of the thermoforming-filling-sealing machine can reach more than 500 pieces / min.

2. Automation. For example, Changsha Xinghuo 500 double-chamber vacuum packaging machine has the functions of vacuuming, sealing, printing, and cooling at one time. It is mainly used for the packaging of tea, peanuts, shrimp, corn and other foods.

3. Single machine multi-function. Realizing multi-function on a single machine can easily expand the range of use. Modular design must be adopted to achieve single machine multi-function. Through the transformation and combination of functional modules, it becomes a different type of vacuum packaging machine suitable for different packaging materials, packaging items and packaging requirements. The domestic representative products are the food vacuum packaging machinery of Xinghuo packaging machinery, and the foreign mandrel wheel multi-station bag vacuum packaging machine in Germany. Its bag making, weighing, filling, vacuuming, sealing and other functions can be combined in one Completed on a single machine.

4. Form a production line. When more and more functions are required, the concentration of all functions on a single machine will make the structure very complicated, and the operation and maintenance are also inconvenient. At this time, several machines with different functions and matching efficiency can be combined into a more complete function production line.

5. Use relevant new technologies. In the packaging method, a large number of inflatable packaging is used to replace vacuum packaging, and the research on the three aspects of inflatable components, packaging materials and inflatable packaging machines is closely combined; in control technology, more computer technology and microelectronic technology are used; in sealing With heat pipe and cold sealing technology, advanced equipment can also be directly installed on the vacuum packaging machine, such as a computer-controlled high-precision combination scale for coarse-grained materials; on a rotary or vacuum packaging machine, advanced high-speed arc surface cam indexing is applied Machinery, etc.

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