Vibration monitor enclosure wall intrusion solution

Yuantuo Technology's vibration monitor system is mainly used to detect intruders' vibrations caused by attempts to pass through the perimeter fence, cutting and climbing metal fences, and breaking into the wall. These vibrations are carried out by the electronic processor unit Monitoring and analysis. By comparing the vibration characteristic signals, the true intrusion attempt event is judged, and it is converted into an alarm signal through simulation analysis.

The monitor can be installed at the end of the fence wall of various materials, in the middle of the brick wall, on various metal fences, the power grid, and the installation interval of the vibration monitor is 5-10 meters, which makes the alarm positioning very correct.

1. Features of YT-SHK-A system:

1.1, high positioning accuracy

The system installs a vibration monitor every 5-10 meters, and the alarm location is confirmed accurately. Intrusion alarm can be accurate to within 3 meters.

1.2 Good compatibility and easy expansion

The system can be linked with other security systems such as the alarm center monitoring system, and can also be used in conjunction with other alarm / monitoring products.

1.3 Wide range of adaptation

It is suitable for buildings and brick walls such as reinforced concrete structure, brick-concrete structure and limestone structure. For example, the protection of bank vaults, army treasuries, treasuries, museums, material warehouses and community walls can also be adapted to the protection of safes, bank ATMs, and community fences.

1.4. Convenient networking operation

Through the universal RS-485 signal to achieve network operation, through the central electronic map is very suitable for large-scale rapid positioning.

1.5, adjustable sensitivity

The sensitivity can be adjusted according to the wall and control range of different structures. With a tool of 60 kg in weight, smashing and digging any wall (including the ground and roof) within 1-2 times of the monitor can cause an alarm. It is an ideal "electronic wall".

1.6 Low false alarm rate

The analyzer uses special technology to effectively eliminate false alarms in the form of non-intrusive signals such as people and animals walking and vehicles driving nearby. The system has a high degree of reliability and can filter wind, rain, animals, airplanes, automobiles, and vibration sources that are not caused by intruders. It can minimize false alarms and missed reports, and low maintenance costs.

2. Installation of vibration monitor YT-SHK-A

2.1. Installation on fences and guardrails

2.1.1 Wall

Generally, the height of the brick fence is between 2-3m, the length is about 400-1000m, and the thickness is about 40cm. In order to adapt the intruder to use tools to hit the wall or climb the wall to alarm, the monitor should be installed in the second brick under the top of the wall (use a hammer to hit a 32mm sinking perpendicular to the wall, and embed the sensor in the hole Cement closed), install one every 3m apart.

2.1.2 Guardrail

Install a vibration monitor on each cement column (or steel pipe pillar) of the guardrail. An alarm will be triggered when someone breaks the railing.

2.2. Installation of warehouse wall

The technical defense requirements of the warehouse are higher than the surrounding walls. The specific installation methods are as follows:

2.2.1, 10-15 square warehouse: Vibration monitor should be installed in the middle of a wall that is easy to have a crime, with a height of 2-2.4m, and screwed together with the wall.

2.2.2, 30-100 square warehouse In the warehouse without partition walls, in principle, install a vibration monitor every 3m before and after the warehouse, with a height of 2-3m. Installation of the library in the library: In principle, a vibration monitor is installed before and after each small library, with a height of 2-3m.

Generally speaking, the wall is relatively long. Install the monitor directly as above. The control range of each monitor is determined by the height and thickness of the wall, that is, the higher the wall, the thinner the wall, the greater the control range. Generally speaking, each monitor can control the length of the wall to 3-5 Meters. During the specific installation, the vibration intrusion monitor can be buried in the second brick at the top of the wall and sealed. The installation direction of the monitor is vertical or horizontal to the wall.

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