What is the role of Kyushu Space Analytical Oxygen Analyzer?

What is the role of the oxygen meter? Kyushu space manufacturers give you a short answer.

An instrument for the determination of unit oxygen partial pressure by electrochemical or spectral analysis or ultrasonic principle.

Take the CY-12C handheld oxygen meter produced by our factory-Jiande Meicheng Electrochemical Analysis Instrument Factory as an example.

Portable Oxygen Meter: It is generally an oxygen measuring instrument manufactured by an electrochemical probe. The advantage is convenience, and the carrying accuracy can be controlled within 1%.

In a big way, oxygen measuring instruments can be used for the determination of oxygen concentration in medical undertakings, laboratories in colleges and universities, plant respiration in agriculture, laboratories in scientific research, and respiratory testing of food and fruit and vegetable storage.

To a small point of view, with the improvement of material living conditions, oxygen is now a fashion, and the oxygen concentration of its own oxygen generator is the most concerned about everyone. I thought that oxygen care can sometimes cause problems in oxygen generators. All are air, based on this kind of psychology and reality, so you can monitor the oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator at any time by preparing an oxygen meter at home!


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