"Created by my heart, made by me" 3D printing experience day, are you coming?

Looking forward to the "Stratasys & Three Tribes" 3D printing experience day event in Shanghai, Xuhui Station, this afternoon, the tribe was successfully held in the afternoon. Although Shanghai's Tiangong is not very beautiful, the rain is drizzling with coolness, but it can't stop everyone's enthusiasm for 3D. The earliest experiencers rushed to the place where we were still in the midst of the hot meeting place; the farthest experience, dragging the suitcase, came from the distant Shandong dust; the most enthusiastic experience, not only came by themselves You must also let your friends come to "learn and learn" together; the most touching experience, in order not to be late to miss any chance to experience the day's activities, do not even eat rice, while driving a car while picking an apple is a lunch It is no wonder that the colleague in charge of the reception said that they were completely greeted by the experience of the noon at noon, and they could not understand the chill of Shanghai's early winter.

Ok, let's get down to business, a good event, good content is king. The content of the professional technology can be lively and vivid, and everyone is interested in it. It takes time and effort. The illustrated PPT is essential.

At 1:30 pm, the event officially began. First of all, Xu Jianhui, the general manager of the tribe of the three tribes, introduced the "three tribes" to everyone. Mr. Xu explained in detail the origin of the tribal name of the three, the meaning of the company LOGO "3dpro", the direction of the company's business development, etc., and let the experiencers understand his "3D tribe" dream. Maybe every 3D person has such a 3D dream!

Then sales engineers Thomas Tao and Jack Li explained the differences between various 3D printing technologies in a wide range of cases, the different applications of various 3D printing technologies in various industries, and the comparative disadvantages of 3D printing and various traditional methods. and many more. Sales engineers used their own personal experience to showcase the 3D printing and the close integration of various industries. In their eyes, there is no industry that 3D printing is not suitable for, only the application points that are not found. Looking at the cases they show for everyone, it is really a perfect example of cross-industry cross-technology cross-disciplinary. Rodin said that for our eyes, there is no lack of beauty, but lack of discovery. The same is true for 3D printing!

Then, the technology is on the scene. Our senior application service engineer, Simon Zhu, is very young but has a lot of experience. In addition to the colorful PPT, the in-depth video interaction shows the coolness of scanning the complete data of a car part in a few minutes, which attracts the experience.

After a burst of praise, everyone came to the tribe's engineering department to face all kinds of 3D printing and 3D scanning equipment. Looking at some tall and mighty, some small and exquisite 3D printers are working neatly and orderly, the experiencers are always excited, around the printer is three circles on the left three right is not willing to go out. In the face of the various questions of the experience, our engineers also showed and explained to them with great patience. Seeing that I have to get off work, but they can't stop talking about it! If the scene is described by a lyric, it is really "from the morning to the sun", although there is no sun today, it does not hinder our good mood.

The half-day experience soon passed, and the sky was dark. When we sent away the last batch of reluctant experiencers, the 3D printing experience day ended successfully.

However, if you are not lucky enough to catch up with this event, or have participated in today's event but have more ideas, you may wish to contact us directly. We must know that the experience day is just a form, we welcome you to discuss with us at any time!


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