How should I choose my baby's wardrobe?

Many times, children's room decoration is the most considered factor in the decoration process. Every parent wants to provide the safest and healthier living environment for the children, so the furniture is also the best and most expensive. In fact, many times more is to understand the design knowledge of furniture. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the design points of the children's room wardrobe for your reference.

Environmentally friendly design

Many times when adults choose furniture for their children, they think that their children's world history is colorful, so they tend to prefer some bright colors, but they don't know that the color of the furniture is higher. Therefore, in the choice of color, try to choose pure white and natural color of the log color to minimize the harmful formaldehyde and harmful pigments for children.

Dimensional design

There is no special standard for the size of the children's wardrobe, mainly related to the child's height and room size. Generally 80 cm double door wardrobe can be satisfied. If the room space allows, you can try to make the wardrobe bigger, so that the child can use it when he grows up.

Vented hole design

Many people think that the wardrobe should be dense, otherwise dust and insects will climb in. This is not the case. More or less chemical composition is left in the furniture manufacturing, so that the wardrobe can be breathed to make the clothes better contact with the skin to avoid odor.

Door panel design

The board for sliding door of children's room wardrobe is best to choose a thicker plate, which will be more stable and stable. The thickness of the door panel is preferably 10 mm or 12 mm.

Pulley design

The pulleys selected for the good brand wardrobe are made of carbon fiberglass, with balls inside, which can be easily pushed and pulled, which is more convenient for children. Good pulleys often also design two anti-jump devices to ensure the safety of the sliding door, which is also the embodiment of humanized design.

Brand consideration

Many times, in order to choose a good wardrobe for the children, the famous brands are the first consideration for parents. In fact, some cheap and simple children's wardrobes are also a good choice, how to use environmentally friendly materials should be the most important.

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