Zhejiang Sports Industry Welcomes Wind Dance

Zhejiang sports industry welcomes the "wind" Dance Date: 2015-11-26 14:26

The successful bid for the Asian Games will undoubtedly be the biggest event at the sports level. Whether it is competitive sports or mass sports, or the sports industry, it will usher in an opportunity for rapid development in the coming years.

For the success of Hangzhou's bid to host the Asian Games, Wu Jingqi, principal of Chen Jinglun Sports School, believes that this is a great deal of good news for those engaged in sports or industry.

He said: The next training of athletes will have a clear goal. Parents, under the influence of the Asian Games atmosphere, will gradually increase their recognition of sports and are more willing to send their children to practice sports skills. In particular, projects such as swimming and ball games, which are well-developed and market-oriented in Hangzhou, will certainly develop even better.

Wu Qiqi predicts that when the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held in 2022, there will certainly be more local athletes, which will further promote the development of mass sports. It can be said that it will bring real benefits to the people.

Yesterday afternoon, after hearing about the success of Hangzhou's bid to host the Asian Games, the Greentown Football Club also celebrated. Li Lei, a club information officer, said that everyone was happy to hear the news.

As the only Super League team in the province, Hangzhou Greentown Football Club also looks forward to gaining more resources from the Asian Games Dongfeng to create the brand of Hangzhou Football.

For the club itself, we must seize this opportunity to enable the team to reach the upper level of the Super League. Li Lei said that the club hopes to become a city's business card like Guangzhou Evergrande in the next few years. At the beginning of the Asian Games, Greentown and Zhejiang native players could join the national team. The Greentown Football Club is known for its youth training, so this is our next goal.

In terms of sports industry, the promotion force formed by Hangzhou hosting the Asian Games will radiate into even wider areas of the province.

After hosting the Asian Games in Hangzhou, the Zhejiang sports industry ushered in new opportunities for development.

In the recent ten years, Zhejiang manufacturing has emerged in major international and intercontinental sports events: Yuyao's famous Zhejiang Dafeng Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. basically packs seats for sports venues at home and abroad, and Beijing, London and Rio Olympic Games can Seeing the company’s products; The rowing boat manufactured by Hangzhou Huaying Group became the only designated boat for the Olympic Games for four consecutive years; The trampoline manufactured by Zhejiang Jin Naisi Sports Goods Co., Ltd. successfully entered the London Olympics.

Zhejiang's sports manufacturing industry has maintained a certain degree of competitiveness in the country and even in the world. Seven years later, Zhejiang, as the host of the Asian Games, Zhejiang sports manufacturing company apparently will not miss this big cake placed on the door.

For the Zhejiang enterprises in the sports manufacturing industry, when the sports atmosphere has arrived, how to increase the technological content and achieve transformation and upgrading are issues that must be considered. The relevant person in charge of the Economic Department of the Provincial Sports Bureau once told the media that in the developed countries of Europe and the United States, the service industry accounted for the vast majority of the manufacturing and service industries in the sports industry, while the domestic market was the opposite.

In the future, the combination of sports and tourism will also become a trend. This area of ​​Zhejiang is developed earlier in the country. The sports and leisure tourism of Thousand Islands Lake is an example of a combination of sports and tourism. Riding, hiking, and drifting are well integrated into tourism. in. In addition, the only national sports industry base in Zhejiang Province, the first state-level sports leisure demonstration area in Fuyang also promotes sports and leisure projects with manufacturing, and sports fitness projects such as kayaking, badminton, tennis and golf are also developing rapidly. . Zhejiang has set up a special pilot fund of 50 million yuan each year since last year for the development of sports and leisure industries.

In addition, the Zhejiang government is also building about 15 billion industrial funds, and the sports industry is one of the key areas. A person in charge of the Provincial Sports Bureau predicts that in the future, hundreds of billions of funds will be poured into Zhejiang's sports industry. The next round of international competitions in Hangzhou will be an opportunity for this wave of development.

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