Decoration pollution became the number one enemy in the bedroom

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the economic development, people's material life is more and more diversified, the same is true for home decoration, dazzling building materials and decorative materials will also breed a variety of problems.

Overall wardrobe

Building decoration materials become a source of pollution

Most of the architectural decoration materials used in modern decoration use synthetic plastic products, chemical fiber products, adhesives, paints, paints and the like. These materials can emit a large amount of formaldehyde, toluene, toluene-diisocyanate, styrene, methanol, phenol, dibutyl phthalate, vinyl chloride, hydrazine, etc. at the beginning of the renovation, especially after 6 months of renovation. A variety of harmful substances, seriously polluting indoor air, causing harm to human health.

Pollution prevention

Material selection

Carefully choose decorative materials and bedroom furniture: To prevent bedroom pollution caused by the decoration process, we must first control it from the source. The use of decoration materials that meet the national standards and have less pollution is an effective measure to reduce the content of toxic and harmful gases in the room. To purchase bedroom furniture that meets environmental standards, it is best to choose the overall bedroom brand. To solve the problem of bedroom health, we must control it from the whole.

Ventilation convection

Use natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation to dilute and diffuse harmful substances in the air, thereby reducing the concentration of pollutants. Try not to stay in the 6 months after the renovation of the new house. At the same time, the windows of the new house should be opened to spread the large amount of toxic gases released by the interior decoration materials. When you are at home, you should pay attention to indoor air circulation as much as possible.

Green plant relief

Use plants to absorb harmful substances in the indoor air. Studies have shown that some of the flower grass leaves have micro-channels on the back side, which can inhale the indoor poisons into the flowers and plants, and finally be absorbed by the roots and become the nutrition of flowers and plants. Such as aloe vera and spider plant can eliminate indoor formaldehyde pollution, iron tree and chrysanthemum can remove the pollution of indoor benzene. Roses and rose have strong adsorption of hydrogen sulfide, phenol, fluoride, ether, etc. Therefore, in order to create an elegant, A comfortable and hygienic home environment allows for the targeted planting of different flowers and plants in the living room.

In the face of the status quo, what consumers can do is the above points, but in general, they hope to arouse the conscience of the industry and create environmentally friendly and healthy building materials. The state also hopes that strict standards will be inspected to protect the vital interests of the people. Individuals take measures to prevent and control, enterprises create high quality, and the state detects problems, then the quality of our home life will be successfully promoted.


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