Exploring the Reasons for the Popularity of Domestic Rice Paper Printing Market

In recent years, with the development of the rice paper printing market, more and more printing companies have begun to enter the field, such as Shanghai Fine Arts and Rizhao Taiyi. Today, no matter how many companies are doing this business, no one can say clearly. So, why is the rice paper printing market so hot?

The reason for the popularity of the rice paper printing market is firstly the high return on profits. "With a book of 16 open and 150 pages, the price of ordinary books is about 20 yuan, and the price of paper-based books of rice paper is about 100 yuan. The added value of products is higher and the profit margin is very large." Hao Haining, who has many years of experience in traditional printing companies, said with emotion. This is undoubtedly a huge attraction for printing companies in the era of low profit. As a printing company with a history of 100 years, Shanghai Fine Art has been engaged in rice paper printing business since 2007. The reason why it will choose this field is: “The development of network technology has led to the continuous decline in the total amount of traditional printing, and the competition of printing companies. Equipment competition has evolved into price competition, coupled with rising raw material costs and labor costs, the profits of traditional printing business have been declining, and entering the rice paper printing market can avoid price wars and win high profits."

The profit is high again. If there is no market demand, the rice paper printing market is also "fire". So, what is the market demand for rice paper printing? We have learned that the field of ancient books reproduction is an important application field of rice paper printing. There are 2 billion volumes of ancient books in China before the Republic of China, and more than half of them are seriously damaged due to years of erosion, fire, flooding and insects, and they need to be repaired. "After the restoration of ancient books, on the one hand, we must do a good job in digital protection of ancient books, on the other hand, we must copy and reproduce ancient books, and the best way is to use Xuan paper printing." Hao Haining said. According to estimates by relevant experts, the output value of only one year of ancient books can reach 80 billion yuan, which shows that the demand is huge. In addition, the growing family tree rebuilding and history editing can also bring a lot of demand for rice paper printing. Zhang Zhongyuan also believes that as people's living standards improve, more and more people begin to pay attention to spiritual and cultural life, and the demand for rice paper prints will increase, and this market will become larger and larger.

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