Four elements to consider in the kitchen restaurant decoration

Restaurant decoration is not an easy task. It is necessary to consider the choice of location, the feng shui of the restaurant decoration, and how to match it to reflect its spiritual pursuit and taste, how to choose furniture, dining table, etc. The colors are matched together, and the decoration style of the restaurant is also selected. The restaurant decoration is a complex process that can create an ideal restaurant. The editor teaches you how to easily create a warm restaurant.

Four elements to consider in the kitchen restaurant decoration

1, first consider the choice and matching of colors

First of all, we have to consider the color choice of the restaurant space and consider how to match the table to make the color have a certain degree of coordination. Usually the color of the restaurant is suitable for warm colors, such as yellow, orange and other colors will be warm and stimulating appetite. We can also choose color matching according to your own preferences to create your own ideal restaurant.

2, the choice of restaurant decoration style

In the choice of restaurant decoration style, we must consider the integrity of the home style, but also consider how to make the restaurant warm and increase appetite, if it is a separate restaurant space, you can choose the decoration style according to your own preferences. .

3, the combination of dining table and chair

The choice of dining table should be based on the size of the restaurant space, and also consider the integrity of the home style and restaurant decoration style, so we should measure the size of the restaurant and the size of the table we like before the restaurant decoration, and then Compare the size of your favorite table to the market.

4, the choice of decorations

For cloth accessories such as tablecloths and curtains, try to use fabrics that are resistant to dirt and easy to clean. If the restaurant is narrow, you can put a large mirror on the wall. In addition, the decorative painting on the background wall of the restaurant should be selected according to the overall restaurant. The pattern is best to be warm and refreshing.

The above introduces the four elements of the warm restaurant decoration, everyone can decorate according to their actual situation, to create their own ideal warm restaurant.

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