Redwood crafts innovation relies on "Redwood" and jumps off "Redwood"

The variety of mahogany crafts ranges from large screens to flower frames and woodcarving ornaments to small four treasures, abacus and bead bracelets. It can be described as a wide variety. But looking a lot, and slowly began to have a trace of aesthetic fatigue, because it seems that these redwood crafts seem to only give off a taste.

Many people think that it is related to mahogany. You don't like to talk to traditional culture and Chinese elements. You are embarrassed to say hello to people. It seems that you must show the traditional Chinese characteristics to be worthy of the word "redwood crafts". Even though the mahogany crafts seem to have a wide variety, in fact, a large part of them are mainly traditional Chinese elements, which are similar in nature. Just like the mahogany Buddha statue on the market, its expression is basically the same, but the carrier is different - it has changed the wood of different materials or different sizes.

It is true that as the traditional material of Chinese furniture and wooden handicrafts, mahogany has become "classical, traditional, Chinese heritage and innovation has always been the subject of continuous exploration in the redwood community. The innovation of mahogany crafts should also be valued."

Compared with mahogany furniture, mahogany crafts have more room for innovation. The "General Technical Conditions for Mahogany Furniture" has made a strict definition of mahogany furniture: a kind of furniture products made of mahogany using the traditional Chinese hardwood furniture production process. That is to say, in addition to the use of the red wood quality specified by the national standard, the mahogany furniture must be strictly in accordance with the production process of traditional Chinese hardwood furniture. However, there are no excessive restrictions on mahogany handicrafts. Under the premise of ensuring that the real materials and quality are no problem, the forms of expression can be varied, and there is no rigid regulation that must be done in accordance with traditional crafts and reflect the traditional charm.

Therefore, the innovation of mahogany crafts can rely on “redwood” or “redwood”. The former “redwood” refers to the material, and the latter “redwood” refers to the traditional thinking. As a precious material, mahogany has good wood quality, strong stability, is not bad for a hundred years, and is a new material for crafts. It is relatively scarce and has a very high collection value. It is a A good carrier. If you do not rely on the material of mahogany, mahogany crafts can not be called mahogany crafts. However, the value of mahogany crafts cannot be judged by simple material theory, because many small pieces of mahogany crafts are made with the processing materials left over from the production of mahogany furniture. The quality cannot be perfected and the value is not as big as the mahogany material. High, to enhance its value, more to improve from the process, design and culture.

How to enhance the value of mahogany crafts from the aspects of craftsmanship, design and culture? At this time, innovation is very important. The traditional, classic and exquisite mahogany crafts are good and the value is not low. However, if they are bound by the inherent thinking of “Redwood”, they will only play in the concept of “Redwood” and make traditional mahogany crafts. It will become smaller and smaller, the problem of homogenization will intensify, the competitive advantage will not be obvious, and the products will hardly stand out. A small mahogany wood, influenced by the "redwood" thinking, maybe we would like to make it a very ordinary bracelet or bead, and if we break away from the traditional thinking of "redwood", just treat it as ordinary wood. Our imagination may be even more vain. For example, the water balance vase designed by foreign designer Risako Matsumoto uses only one piece of wood, a small stainless steel container and a weight. Through the principle of lever balance, the whole design is eye-catching and the artistic value is soaring. The traditional enamel structure, used in mahogany crafts, if you keep the tradition, you may just do some educational TOYS such as Kongming lock, plum lock and some architectural models, and jump off the "redwood" restrictions, add some modern The idea, a small piece of wood that is 6 cm high, can be expanded into a height of 23 cm, multiple active joints, and wood people standing in various postures are born.

Redwood crafts must have their own characteristics and have their own culture, but this feature is not a self-restraint and a legacy. Different from the ancient and modern living environment and living habits, the current living space has more demand for the style and style of mahogany crafts, and as the redwood consumer market is gradually becoming younger, the products with unique style and individuality are also bigger. Market demand. The mahogany crafts may also need to follow the pace of the times, elegantly blending the artistic and cultural connotations with the modern practical values. While inheriting the culture, it constantly innovates and adds contemporary elements to the crafts, so that it not only maintains the materials and crafts of traditional handicrafts. It is also in line with the needs and aesthetics of modern life. Such a mahogany handicraft is like a regenerative ability, and it can continue to spread history and culture.

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