Kohler bathroom flagship store Shanghai Kohler bathroom store address

In 2002, Kohler Corporation of America established Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. For more than a decade, Kohler has become a well-known bathroom brand. In Shanghai, Kohler Sanitary Ware has developed 79 specialty stores covering all districts and counties in Shanghai. Kohler, a mid-to-high-end retailer, has also become a favorite sanitary ware brand among Shanghai residents. You can find the most convenient way whether you choose a brick-and-mortar store or online shopping for the address of a sanitary store or Kohler's flagship store.

Kohler bathroom

American Kohler is one of the most familiar kitchen and bathroom brands in the world, and was "selected as China's top ten sanitary ware brands in 2013 by the China Ceramic Sanitary Ware Brand Network". Founded in 1873. It mainly produces Kohler bathtubs, washbasins, toilets, faucets, cabinets and Other kitchen and bathroom products.

Kohler bathroom flagship store Shanghai Kohler bathroom store address

After 140 years of development, Kohler has become a symbol of the most advanced bathroom products. The home concept of "elegant life" advocated by it directly touches people's longing for and love for elegant life quality. No matter in which corner of the world, Kohler guarantees that consumers can feel the unified life of the five-star hotel in Kohler.

Kohler Sanitary Ware has flagship stores on Tmall and this website, authorized by Kohler. The following is the URL:

Kohler sanitary official website address: http: //

Kohler Bathroom Qijia flagship store: http://mall.jia.com/shop/1839/

Kohler Bathroom Tmall Flagship Store: http://kohler.tmall.com/

There are a total of 79 Kohler sanitary ware stores in Shanghai, and I can only sort out the addresses of most of them:

Shanghai Kohler Sanitary Store Address Shanghai Xieli Building Materials Co., Ltd. Flagship Store

Beike flagship store, Shanghai Linbang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., 1038 Zhenbei Road, Shanghai

Beike flagship store of Shanghai Linbang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., 1919 West Zhongshan Road

Evergrande flagship store of Shanghai Qixin Trading Co., Ltd., 1919 West Zhongshan Road

Shanghai Xieli Building Materials Co., Ltd., No. 1650 Dongming Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Shanghai Zhongli Building Material Co., Ltd. Jiading Zhonghong Store, 1515 Pusan ​​Road, Pudong, Shanghai

Shanghai Red Star Macalline Wenshui Store, No. 3690 Baoan Road, Jiading New City, Shanghai

Shanghai Red Star Macalline Jinshan Store, 1555 Wenshui Road, Shanghai

Shanghai Jinsheng Tongchuan Living Hall, No.606 Weiqing West Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai

No. 185 Tongchuan Road, Shanghai Jinsheng Hollywood Shanghai Hemei Interior Decoration Company Beijing West Road Store

Shanghai Xiyingmen Sanitary Ware Ceramics Mall, 1648 West Beijing Road, Shanghai

Shanghai Jiading Ouyamei Building Materials Home Furnishing Market, 320 Yishan Road, Shanghai

Jiading District Huyi Road 3588 Shanghai Haoshijia Songjiang Store

Shanghai Haoshijia Home Decoration Boutique City, Alley Square, Lane 18, Rongle Middle Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

Shanghai Linbang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. No.198 Caoxi Road, Shanghai

Shanghai Chunshen River Wujiaochang Building Material Shopping Mall, 198 Caoxi Road, Shanghai

Shanghai Chunshen River Wujiaochang Building Material Mall, 1000 Xiangyin Road, Shanghai

Shanghai Red Star Macalline Zhenbei South Hall, 1000 Xiangyin Road, Shanghai

G8193-8197, Ground Floor, No. 1208 Zhenbei Road, Shanghai Pudong Red Star Macalline Cabinet Store

C8192, Red Star Macalline, 3rd Floor, Cabinet District, No. 2178 Shanghai Road, Shanghai Qixin Trading Company Jinsheng Yindu Store

1st Floor, Jinxing Home, No. 2988 Yindu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Jixin Trading Co., Ltd.

Jiuxing Ceramics Market North, No. 8-9, Building 5, Xingzhong Road, Shanghai Jixin Trading Co., Ltd. Jiuxing Second Store

Jiuxing Ceramics Market North, No. 1-3, Building 1, Ceramic 3rd District, Xingzhong Road, Shanghai Qixin Trading Co., Ltd. Renhe Store

Shanghai Nanhui Lianggang Decoration City, 1st Floor, Renhe Building Materials Market, No. 2836 Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area

No. 33-34, Alley 1, Lianggang Decoration City, No. 699 Nanliu Road, Nanhui District, Shanghai Nanhui Store, Shanghai Qixin Trading Co., Ltd.

No. 2-14, Nanhui Building Materials Market, Nanyuan, Wangjiatan, Sinan Town, Nanhui District Shanghai Qixin Trading Co., Ltd. Fengxian Store

No. 10, Hangzhou Bay Building Materials Market, South Fengnan Road, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District 17 # -18 # Shanghai Qixin Trading Co., Ltd. Haojiajia Yangpu Store

3rd Floor, Haoshijia Building Materials Store, No. 1023, Jiangjiang Road, Yangpu District

Evergrande Building Materials Market No. 3298 Yanggao South Road, Shanghai 2651 # -2652 # 1 Shanghai Qixin Trading Co., Ltd. Yangpu City Store

Songjiang Leyingmen, A501 Linbang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., 1st Floor, No. 1205 Jungong Road, Central Ring Line, Yangpu District

Fengxian Jiajia Decoration, B28 Kohler Exhibition Hall, Leyingmen No. 263, Songzheng Road

125 #, 1st Floor, Jiajiajia Building Materials Market, No. 6111 Nanfeng Road, Fengxian District

B & Q Zhongsheng Store, 2nd Floor, Meiqianju Building Materials Home Plaza, No. 353 Xingnan Road, Pudong New District

No. 5001 City Road (1F-2F, North Side of Zhongsheng World Mall) B & Q Xujing Store

B & Q Xujing Store, 1800 Huqingping Road

B & Q Shanghai Meilong Store, 1800 Huqingping Road

2358 Yindu Road (near Lianhua South Road) B & Q Hutai Store

1800 Hutai Road (Wenshui Intersection) B & Q Pudong Store

1616 Yinxiao Road (opposite to Longyang Road Metro Station) B & Q Shanghai Jinqiao Store

No. 518 Lantian Road (near Carrefour Yunshan Road) Shanghai Jiubai Home Furnishing (Limbang) Songjiang Store

South Store, Shanghai Haomeijia Decoration Building Material Co., Ltd., No. 50 Tongbo Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

No. 7388 Humin Road, Shanghai

Nine hundred Dahua, 3521 Shangnan Road

Jiubai Yixian Store, No. 1618 Hutai Road, Shanghai

Nine hundred Hanghua, 1328 Yixian Road, Shanghai

Nine hundred Xinzhuang, No. 479 Huqingping Road, Shanghai

No.3333 Chunshen Road, Shanghai Haomeijia Gongjiang Store

Haomeijia Wuzhong Store, No. 5288 Gonghexin Road, Shanghai

Haomeijia Tianshan Store, No. 1245 Wuzhong Road, Shanghai

No. 1068 Beihong Road, Hoomei Family Fengxian Store

Haomeijia Pingliang Store, No. 8505, Nanfeng Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai

Haomeijia Xietu Store, 853 Pingliang Road, Shanghai

No.645 Xietu Road, Shanghai (Century Lianhua) Haomeijia Quyang Store

Haomeijia Caoan Store, No. 55, Yiminhe Road, Shanghai

Haomeijia Jinqiao Store, No. 1488 Cao'an Road, Shanghai

Haomeijia Qingpu Store, No. 151, Lane 1296, Jingao Road

No. 515, Yinggang Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Summary: The address table of Shanghai Kohler Sanitary Store only summarizes 56 of them. If there is no one close to you, you can also go to Kohler ’s official website for more addresses of Shanghai Kohler Sanitary Store, or steal a lazy, in the Kohler Sanitary The store can also pick the product that suits you, and deliver it directly to your home after ordering, and the online discount is more tempting.

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