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According to data from authoritative organizations, more than 90% of domestic tourists are from free-travel tourists. In ten years, free travel has moved from niche to the mainstream. Traditional hotels have been unable to meet the individual needs of free-market groups, and service apartments that are more suitable for free travel are sought after by tourists. The peak of summer tourism is approaching. There are more and more hot spots in holiday cities. It is difficult to miss the tourists who love free travel. Http://
Beijing - Dijie Chang'an Holiday Apartment
Beijing Chang'anluo Holiday Apartment, adjacent to Chang'an Avenue, provides tourists with star-rated hotel-style holiday accommodation services. Chang'an District is surrounded by the most prosperous CBD shopping district. Whether it is to Shichahai, Qianmen or Sanlitun, it is very convenient for taxis. . The Chang’an Seto Room is suitable for 2-4 people traveling freely, with an average price of RMB 102/night – RMB 438/night for different room types. Traveling in Beijing, Beijing Chang’an is the best choice for accommodation. It strolls along Chang’an Avenue and is full of emotions that are deeply influenced by the history and culture of the Royal Park.
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Weihai - Eleonora Bay & Intercontinental Holiday Hotel

Located in the famous Eleonore Bay International Holiday Resort, Holiday Inn Eleonora Bay Resort is a Mediterranean-style resort that creates a purely exotic atmosphere. There are numerous seaside entertainment projects and tourist attractions such as Chengshantou, Liugong Island and Wenshibao Beach. The Intercontinental Holiday Hotel is located on the south side of Treasure Stone Beach. The cost-effectiveness of these two apartments is very high, and there is an average of RMB 60/night for the Love Beach and InterContinental Holiday Inn – RMB 138/night for different room types. At present, there are not many rooms left in August. Tourists visiting Weihai may wish to pre-order.

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Zhuhai - Ginza Boutique Hotel

Zhuhai Ginza Boutique Hotel is located at the Kedah Jingle Road in downtown Zhuhai, close to Zhuhai Seaside Park, Zhuhai Fisher Girls and other attractions. It is a bustling business district and convenient to travel. The interior decoration of the room is refined and elegant, with comfortable beds, soft cotton linens, independent balconies and open kitchens, living facilities, and accommodation for 2-4 people. Rates are 368 yuan/night -618 yuan/night. If you want to enjoy a leisure time in Zhuhai and your family, staying at the Ginza Boutique Hotel is a good choice.

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Zhoushan - 37°2 Theme Hotel

Zhoushan 37°2 Theme Hotel has different styles of movie theme suites, small theme rooms, 61 king rooms and standard rooms. The unique style, culture and experience as one of the decoration style, express a particular cultural atmosphere, to lead the Zhoushan hotel industry fashion trends. Hotel prices are 338 yuan / night - 1068 yuan / night, cost is very high. Like traveling, movies, fashion and like to experience unique styles, to Zhoushan, you can stay in Zhoushan 37°2 theme hotel.

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Yangzhou - Huizhe Pavilion

Zhu Xijia, Huaizu Mingdu, Yangzhou tourism new residence - Huizhe Pavilion, south of the city center Wenchang Pavilion, a park, north of the ancient canal in Yangzhou, West Slender West Lake Scenic Area, this excellent location. Go to Yangzhou, stay in Pavilion, walk in Yangzhou garden, sail on Slender West Lake, keep you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, get a trace of leisure and cool in the lazy afternoon. The price of 128 yuan / night -148 yuan / night, definitely worthy of attention.

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