Different white collar different wardrobe styles

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The white-collar workers in the city are busy every day for nine to five. Their work is different in nature. Therefore, there are also differences in the style of the decoration bedroom. For example, the wardrobe , the thoughtful and thoughtful fashion sliding wardrobe, is more emotional. White-collar workers like classical style wardrobes. Those who like free and simple life like modern minimalist style wardrobes. What kind of personality do you like and what kind of wardrobe do you like?

[Fashion classic style wardrobe]

Modern wardrobe

Brand : red apple

Reference price : 3355 yuan

Wardrobe size : 1760*600*2165mm

Material : artificial board

Is it customizable : Yes

Recommended reason : This product is simple in style and versatile in color. Emphasizes the perfect combination of simple structure and comfort, and pays attention to how its lines fit perfectly into contact with the human body. Create the classic beauty with the simplest lines and color blocks. The details of the product are delicately processed to create a warm and rounded space that is recommended. The price is also quite affordable, and friends in the middle of the day have a quick start!

Recommended crowd : gentle and meticulous, fresh and fresh white collar

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