Life must buy, towel to buy you know?

In fact, in life, the most used except paper towels are towels, but every time we go to the supermarket to buy towels, the most troublesome thing is. The variety of towels is varied. The feel of the touch is different, but it is not possible to distinguish who is good or who is bad. It is very headache. And everyone knows. Towels are in direct contact with the body. If you buy inferior products, long-term use will not only cause some damage to the skin, but also affect the health of the body. So we will pay attention to the purchase of towels. Then Xiaobian has sorted out how to buy towels today, hoping to help everyone to buy later.

We often see a variety of colors in the supermarket, a variety of patterned towels, some people like to buy dark towels, because the dark towels are more durable, and will not easily become dirty, and some people I like to buy a beautiful towel with a cartoon pattern. In fact, we should pay attention to the first point when buying a towel. The darker color of the towel is higher than the light color. The lighter color of the towel is darker than the dark one. Because the cost of dark colors is high, that is, the chemicals that are put in, the dyeing time is high. Therefore, the damage to the fiber is large. And the darker the color, the worse the fastness. Children are best to use light colors. Do not buy towels with embroidery.

When purchasing towels, you should try to buy them at large shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores, and choose the products of regular manufacturers. Qualified towel products should have a standardized logo and indicate the manufacturer, origin, telephone, trademark, implementation standards, washing methods, etc.

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing towels:

Look at the appearance: whether the towel is fine, tidy, whether the height of the loop is flat, whether the color is pure and bright, and there is no unevenness.

Touch: You should choose a fluffy, soft-feeling towel. Such a towel feels elastic in the hand and sticks to the face, giving a soft and sticky face. The towel should not be dry and hard to avoid hurting the skin. Generally speaking, the high-quality towel feels fluffy, soft and has no slipperiness, and is soft and elastic in the fist, and the lint-free lint falls off.

Water absorption: If the quality of the towel is dripping on the water droplets, it can be quickly absorbed. If it is used to wipe the face, it can quickly dry the water and remove the dust; while the inferior towel is slippery on the face, not absorbing water. , not decontamination.

Color fastness: Pour hot water of about 80 °C into the basin, then put it on the towel and lift it up. The water in the basin is not discolored. If there is obvious color drop, it indicates that the quality of printing and dyeing is poor, which may hinder human health.

Smell: Qualified towel products should have no odor.

Raw materials for burning: Pull the loops of the edge of the towel into a loop, ignite with fire, burn quickly, grayish black ash, light and slag is pure cotton or cellulose recycled fiber. If there is a hard block in the burning of the ash, the yarn is a blended yarn mixed with chemical fiber.

Towels are generally one person, so you can't share a towel with one person. This can prevent bacteria from irritating the skin on your face, and the towel needs to be washed frequently, then dried, because wet towels are easier to dry than dry towels. And wet towels are more susceptible to bacteria. In order to prevent the growth of various types of bacteria and increase the service life of towels, we must put the towels in a ventilated and dry place.

For families with small baby at home, towels should be extra careful from the purchase or use. In particular, towels can not be selected with a lot of fiber, to prevent some small fibers from entering the baby's respiratory tract with the nose, causing infection. Wash the towel once every day, and do not use the normal disinfectant to wash it, which will have a serious impact on the skin.

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