9 strong luxury products recommended in love with vodka

Recommendation one: handbag

Brand: Alexander McQueen

Price: 14335 yuan

Reason for recommendation: The exquisite embroidery colors are gorgeous, and the black background is more mysterious. The gold-plated handle is shaped like a running horse surrounded by skulls and set with brilliant diamonds, which is full of luxury and domineering.

Recommendation two: chandelier


Price: 120,000 yuan

Recommended reason: The chandelier is made of a series of white beads chains, full of artistic sense, and the low-hanging spikes add a bit of elegance.

Recommendation 3: Love Waltz Decoration

Brand: Elegant

Price: In-store price

Reason for recommendation: The decoration is a scene where lovers use waltz to convey love. The characters have vivid expressions, portray the most beautiful, and decorate the neckties and skirts with silver foil.

Recommendation four: British imports by package

Brand: Mo Palace

Price: 1680 yuan

Reason for recommendation: The black bag looks very mysterious. The crown symbolizing power is delicate and realistic, which makes people feel that it has hidden power.

Recommendation five: Indian wooden wall mirror

Brand: Klit

Price: 2299 yuan

Recommended reason: the wooden hand-made picture frame has fine lines, the old bronze is very retro, and the perfectly symmetrical appearance is like the sun, with a little mysterious religious color.

Recommendation 6: Necklace

Brand: Oscar de la Renta

Price: 5745 yuan

Reason for recommendation: The necklace is inspired by olive branches. The lines are smooth and the leaves of different shapes are delicately carved and dynamic. The gold-plated surface adds a little elegance.

Recommendation 7: Side Table


Price: 92040 yuan

Recommended reason: The silver-white side table is elegant and elegant, with a shiny surface and a tough texture. The table legs have complicated and exquisite patterns, the carving technique is superb and extremely luxurious.

Recommendation eight: leisure chair

Brand: 9 pendulum

Price: 4980 yuan

Recommended reason: The golden chair frame with exquisite workmanship can be described as luxurious. The red sofa cover is decorated with exquisite and detailed black lace, highlighting the noble quality.

Recommendation 9: Side Cabinet


Price: 155190

Recommended reason: the side cabinet is elegant and flexible, the surface pattern is carved delicately, the luxurious atmosphere is casual, and the fine gold and gold foil embellishment is extremely luxurious.

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