Demand growth in emerging economies increases sales of packaging materials

[ppzhan Abstract] After the economic development in recent years, the global economic development center is constantly shifting, and the proportion of emerging economies is rising. According to relevant reports, sales of packaging materials will continue to rise as demand for packaged foods and medical supplies rises in emerging economies such as China, India, Turkey, Poland, Brazil and Mexico.

Looking at the current global economic market, emerging economies as a new force have gradually begun to dominate the development of the global economy. The demand for packaged foods and medical supplies in these countries is constantly rising, which has contributed to the development of the packaging industry. As an important part of the packaging material, it also ushered in the golden age of development.

In recent years, plastic packaging and plastic packaging products have become a growing market share. Various beverage packaging, quick-frozen food packaging, retort food packaging, and fast food packaging are emerging in the market. While packaging these products to bring convenience to people's lives, it has also greatly promoted the prosperity of the plastic packaging film market. Common plastic packaging films include PVA coated high barrier films, cast polypropylene film (CPP), polyester film (PET), low density polyethylene film (LDPE), biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) and the like.

Market research firm ResearchandMarkets recently released a new analysis report that the global market value of packaging film in 2012 was 89.2 billion US dollars. It is expected that the compound annual growth rate will reach 5.8% in the next five years. During the period of 2013-2018, the global annual growth rate of packaging film consumption was 4.5%.

In terms of regions, the Asia Pacific region has become the world's largest packaging film market with a 35% share. North America and Europe followed closely with a market share of 25.3% and 24.1% respectively. Research andMarkets researchers analyzed that in the next few years, the Asia Pacific region is expected to continue to dominate the global packaging film market. Among them, China and India may become the main driving force for the continued prosperity of the film market in the region due to rising market demand.

In terms of raw materials, PE resin is currently widely used as a raw material in the packaging film market. In the global packaging film production process in 2012, the resin used accounted for 64% of the total raw materials. However, market analysis data shows that the growth rate of PP film demand in recent years is higher than the growth rate of PE film demand. BOPP (two-way pull-up polypropylene) is a demanding raw material in flexible packaging films. In addition, in some developed regions of North America and Europe, the demand for specialty films is increasing year by year.

In terms of applications, food packaging is still a large application market for packaging films. At the same time, the range of applications of packaging films in the field of pharmaceuticals and consumer goods is expanding. In recent years, the demand for packaging films in the personal care packaging industry, including shower gels, shampoos and other cosmetics, has grown.

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