Experience online shopping home first shipment board broken again shipping plate cracked

As the news of the home store's boycott of e-commerce offline activities, home has become the focus of e-commerce and store competition during the "Double Eleven" this year. Rich in variety, affordable, and geographically unrestricted... Many advantages make online shopping home become more and more people's choices. However, the reporter recently experienced an online shopping home, after experiencing “sweet and bitter”, found online shopping home “see It’s beautiful to go up. In fact, there are still many problems behind it.

Most helpless

Two shipments are not broken

The reporter "scoured" a corner rack and a set of tables and chairs on the Internet. From the pictures released by the online store, the product looks very beautiful and looks quite durable. So the reporter decided to take the goods down.

When the courier sent the rack to the door, the reporter was dumbfounded, and the two main support plates in the box were all broken into two pieces. The reporter called the seller, and the other party was somewhat helpless. "The quality of our products is actually very good. There is almost no profit in the selling price. Therefore, there is no room for improvement in the packaging of the goods. If the courier is not paying attention when sorting, the support plate It is easy to break."

Subsequently, the seller sincerely promised to re-issue a set of goods. A few days later, when the reporter got the reissued goods again, he found that there were still several cracks on the two hollow support plates.

Best laugh

Installed online shopping table and chair screws broken

Another set of small tables and chairs with a price of more than 300 yuan is even more "daughter and laughable". After the express delivery, the reporter asked a worker to help install. However, when the worker's master screwed the corner of the table into the table panel, the screw on the corner of the table suddenly broke. Originally thought that it might be too much force when the master installed, the reporter tried it for himself. I didn't expect that when I screwed the second table corner, the strength was still not used, and the screw at the corner of the table was broken. In order to save trouble, the reporter had to throw away the goods and re-purchase a small table and chair at a furniture store.


Installer technology "amateur"

In addition, the reporter also bought a bedroom home, including a large wardrobe, bedside table, solid wood bed, and paid an installation fee. However, the situation is constantly changing during the installation process.

A few days after the payment, the manufacturer specially arranged the installation master to deliver the goods to the door. After more than two hours of installation work, the reporter found several problems. One of the corner screws did not seem to be tightened, making the bed angle significantly larger than 90 degrees. After telling the installer, the other party said again and again: "This is a small problem, it has been screwed very firmly."

When checking the large wardrobe, I found that there were more "faults". One of the handles of the cabinet door was loose, and the slide rails of one drawer were somewhat uneven. It was difficult to push it out again, and the paint on the side of the large wardrobe. There are also scars. Then call and communicate with the manufacturer, the other party has no choice but to arrange the master to go to the door and the cost is too high. The reporter had to ask the installer of the nearby store to solve these problems, and spent an extra amount of money.

Most crash

More than 30 calls are delivered to your door

In the process of online shopping, the product quality and installation are not the most helpless. In individual stores, the “disjointed” between merchants and express delivery is the most collapsed.

Before the reporter took a dark gray fabric double sofa, he agreed with the customer service staff to deliver the goods to the home on a certain Saturday. On the day of the appointment, but did not wait for the goods, after three times and five times to communicate with the online customer service phone, the other party said that the manufacturer has shipped, but it seems that the style is wrong, can only be sent two days later.

Two days later, the reporter waited for the courier to deliver the goods again until 13 o'clock, there is still no news of the courier. The reporter then contacted the store customer service, the other party replied that the manufacturer has shipped and needs to communicate with the courier. After another few hours, I called the customer service again and the other party said that "it is still in communication." Until 18 o'clock, when the reporter called the customer service again, the other party gave the answer: "I called, and people said that they broke the position."

The reporter asked when it was time to deliver the goods. The other party said, "Logistics is not what I did. I don't know. They didn't give a clear answer. Where is the goods, when can I send them, I can't say them." Delivery within the agreed time, and can not contact logistics, then you can only apply for a return. At this point, the other party said hard: "How can I promise you?"

During the transportation of this sofa, the reporter and the shop customer service staff could not make more than 30 calls. The other party constantly said that it was "quite collapsed" but could not do anything. After struggling, the product was delivered to the door.

Most famous words

Merchant quality should be better than price

In the process of journalists experiencing online shopping, they really felt the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. There is ample room to choose from, rich in commodities, affordable, and not leaving home. It is undeniable that these are the advantages of “Taobao” on the Internet. However, due to the special nature of household goods, involving the logistics, installation, product quality and other issues of large-scale goods, many online shops in the after-sales service standards and improvements still need to be strengthened. In contrast, although some home furnishing stores have relatively high prices and limited options, physical store operations are usually long, the operation mode is mature, and the level of after-sales service is higher. In the context of the "market rush" between shopkeepers and e-commerce, businesses should not only focus on price wars, but also improve product quality and service levels in order to truly win consumers.

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