Feasibility of combined hole-punching machine with pressure

The hole drilling machine with pressure is composed of center drilling positioning, side drilling rig, conversion flange, manual hydraulic pump, turntable mechanism, motor drive device, gate valve, drill rod positioner, etc. The operation methods are as follows: (1) Weld the stub pipe on the pipeline, install the gate valve, and then install the conversion flange, turntable, center drill, side rig and driving device on the gate valve flange; (2) connect Good power supply; (3) Use the center drill to drill holes on the pipeline to be drilled; (4) Use the drilling machine to turn the turntable to drill while drilling; (5) After the equilateral drilling machine drills the circumferential hole, Use a center drill to take out the tube sheet, close the gate valve, and the hole is completed.

Try to make the distance from the flange face to the main pipe as short as possible (generally subject to the ability to wear bolts), and maintain the normal distance to 120150mm; check the valve and confirm that the width of the valve can meet the needs of the hole machine's spindle stroke, the calculation formula is: (hole Diameter of chord height short pipe short side length valve width-distance from valve flange to valve plate) Check the hole machine to confirm whether the full stroke of the hole machine (the rig stroke is 1m) is consistent with the design stroke. Connect the oil pipe of the drill rod locator and conduct the oil test to see if there is oil leakage at each joint of the oil pipe. The oil leakage must be dealt with accordingly.

When opening holes, a 16t crane is needed for on-site installation of the hole-opening machine, and a 220V power distribution cabinet is installed. It needs 5 people to operate. The opening of DN1400mm (actual opening DN1200mm, does not affect the actual gas supply requirements) requires 20h .

High efficiency: flexible, not limited by time, environment and other factors, greatly shortening the construction period of pipeline docking.

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