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Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed the Haozhuang (LNB) brand biological safety cabinet, which has more professional manufacturing quality and more affordable factory direct sales!

Instrument use: To protect infectious experimental materials such as primary cultures, bacterial strains, and diagnostic specimens, to protect the operator, the laboratory environment, and experimental materials from possible exposure to the above operations Infectious aerosols and spills generated.

Operation steps: 1. After the safety cabinet is placed, insert one end of the power cable into the right end of the safety cabinet and the other end into the power supply in the working room. When turning on the power, first turn on the power switch (press the power switch 1), the power switch indicator lights. Observe the display window and the alarm window at the same time, the display window has an indicator light, the alarm window does not have the indicator light, and the audible and visual alarm. If there is a front window sliding door, it may be super high. Automatic stop. 2. To ensure the sterilization effect and prevent the ultraviolet light wave from affecting the studio during sterilization, the front window sliding door should be closed. If the front window sliding door is not closed, the ultraviolet sterilization lamp cannot be turned on. Because the ultraviolet sterilization lamp switch is equipped with a interlocking device, the ultraviolet lamp can only be turned on when the front window sliding door is closed. 3. Fan button, the fan starts to start, because it takes a few minutes for the fan to run until the equipment reaches the safe operation. The downwind and inflow wind speeds need to be observed before the official use. Then observe the nominal values ​​of the falling wind speed and the inflow wind speed. 4. When working, the fan must be turned on, and at the same time turn on the lighting.

Note: 1. The area inside the tray is the safety zone, and the area outside the tray is the unprotected area. 2. During the use of the safety cabinet, care should be taken not to put soft, fine objects under the table, so as not to be sucked into the negative pressure air duct and fan by the suction port, affecting the operation of the safety cabinet. 3. Excessive ultraviolet rays are harmful to the human body. If the front window is not completely closed or the fan can be operated when the fan is running, this situation is a safety hazard. Please contact maintenance in time.

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