Bottle cap recovery channel analysis

We often talk about the recycling of various types of packaging, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, tin cans and so on. However, we rarely mention the recycling of caps. Bottle caps are often too small for us to ignore. However, if we carefully analyze, the use of caps is very large, all kinds of material bottles, barrels need to use caps.

Let's take a look at the cap material. There are various types of plastic, glass, crystal, tinplate, aluminum, and aluminum. The cost of the metal cap itself is relatively high, and if the metal cap can be recycled, it can be completely recycled. Let's take a look at the plastic bottle caps, mainly PP and PE materials. Although the re-use channels are limited, a large number of discards are obviously not conducive to environmental protection.

The recycling of bottle caps lacks a unified channel and is often associated with bottles. This makes a lot of recycling agencies need to spend a lot of manpower and resources to separate the bottle from the lid. Therefore, planning the recycling of bottle caps can form a unified channel, which will greatly increase social benefits.

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