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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] Whether it is night can not be embarrassed, or sleepless, let us stay away from the dawn of the dawn of good dreams. In fact, it is not difficult to have a sweet sleep again. Perhaps, just adjust the layout and furnishings of the bedroom, let us enjoy the beautiful life brought by healthy sleep in the alternation of the night and the night.

Rhein Iger

Secret 1 soft hypnotic temperature

Secret 1 soft hypnotic temperature

Symptoms: Insomnia caused by environmental factors such as noise and poor air quality, and sleep problems caused by discomfort after stopping the drugs that help sleep.

Do you believe in hypnotism? In fact, without the hypnotist's motivational words, just choose the right bedding, it can help you sleep peacefully. According to the clinical data of the American Sleep Research Center, the room temperature is in the range of 18-24 °C, and the temperature in the bed is 32-34 °C. People are most comfortable during sleep, and the monitored sleep quality is also the best.

Furniture customization

Zen-like white space

Secret 2 Zen-like blank

For symptoms: irregular sleep awakening cycle, shallow sleep, half asleep and half awakening

The snow-hole bedroom is like a blank space for painting, which always gives the viewer space to imagine. The entire bedroom space is like a Zen-filled picture. After a few strokes, it outlines a place of retreat, exudes a natural and bleak beauty. It is not difficult to imagine that when we are in such a relaxed environment every day, perhaps the ethereal mood will be integrated into our dreams.

Design renderings

Diagonally open window

Secret 3 oblique window

For symptoms: lethargy

In this room, you can look out the window even if you are lying in bed. In the early morning, the light can shine through the window into the bedroom. The windows can be opened at an oblique angle, allowing fresh air to circulate continuously in the room. All the arrangements are for the sleeper to wake up from sleep as soon as possible and get rid of sleepiness. The entire room maintains a transparent view and completely removes the drowsy atmosphere from here.

Rhein Iger

Use the bay window to connect

Secret 4 is connected by a bay window

For symptoms: difficulty falling asleep, and frequent upside down sleep problems caused by jet lag or overtime.

What do you are used to doing before going to bed? Look at the stars? Or a few words from CALL friends? At this time, the bay window in the bedroom naturally assumes the responsibility of carrying these functions. When you have a lot of thoughts, just sit here and look at the stars. When the sleepyness comes, just take a step back, and the bed behind you will take over the interstellar thoughts.

Furniture customization

Design a travel plan

Secret 5 design a travel plan

For the symptoms: stress, anxiety caused by insomnia, and often accompanied by more dreams, awakening and other symptoms.

Travel is an effective way to relax. If you are a traveler, it is better to design your home into an exotic place. In the days when you can't travel, you can also let yourself go to any place you want to go. The hints before going to bed will not only help you complete this “travel plan”, but also bring you high quality sleep quality.

Design renderings

Under the angel's wings

Secret 6 under the angel's wings

For symptoms: affective sleep disorders, excitatory insomnia.

The popularity of pure white rooms has continued for a long time. The reason for this is probably inextricably linked to the sleeping effect of white. Of course, when arranging white bedrooms, pay attention to the connection of light and dark and the adjustment of local colors. For those with sleep disorders, in this gray world with light and shadow, it seems to be under the wings of angels. All the troubles will be scattered, leaving only sweet dreams.

Rhein Iger

Rhine Eiger custom furniture

Secret 7 Rhine Eiger custom furniture

For symptoms: people who need a comfortable sleeping environment

Sleep is closely related to the bedroom environment. Rhein-Eiger's custom furniture is not only good-looking and practical, but the most important thing is health. The bedroom is the most popular place for most people. If you want a good night's sleep, you need a safe environment. Rhein-Eiger uses a formaldehyde-free scented plate to create a 0-aldehyde room, so that you can also enjoy your dreams. It seems to be in the embrace of nature.

Rhein-Eiger to True Character

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