List of equipment, winter in Tibet, travel along the Himalayas

This article is provided to provide equipment for cool special contributors. Responsible editor: equipped cool Kel

I remember at the New Year's party, equipped with cool pot Dada took my hand and said a lot of words, the key point did not remember, I remember his pearly eyes with rain that want to know I go to the plateau cold winter cold, Has it been frozen? . . I was not touched by what I was touched at that time.

Then he asked me what brand of underwear, coats, shoes and other things I was wearing. I finally understood. . . . . . This list of equipment from SO originates from the public relations of Dada. For such a dedicated baby, the supervisor can give him extra points for performance.

Let us first introduce our route. One mountain drew a giant arc along the southern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The arc is 2400 km long from east to west, 200-350 km wide from north to south, and south of Ghagwal in Kashmir. The peak extends eastwards to the Nanjibawa Peak in Nyingchi region of Tibet, to the north as the Elephant River and the Yarlung Tsangpo River, and to the Ganges plain in India to the south. The tallest and majestic mountain on Earth has 10 snow peaks with an altitude of more than 8000 meters. The entire mountain range has an average elevation of more than 6,000 meters. We call it: the Big Himalayan Snow Mountain.

Obviously, a working dog can't read the Big Himalayan at a time, and eating Himalayas one by one becomes the most important thing.

Our trip was originally designed to see the Himalayan snow-capped mountains in the eastern section of the borders of the Nyingchi region and the Shannan region. In fact, due to weather and road conditions canceled for two days, we were able to revisit the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas that we once saw.
The eastern section of the academic Himalayas is divided into several snow-capped mountains from the Nanjabava Snow Mountain in Nyingchi region to the snow-capped mountains of the Choramulri in Pari, as shown in the following figure:

Our specific schedule is as follows:

D1, Chengdu - Linzhi Milin Airport - Suo Song Village

D2, Sosong Village - Milin - Plus

D3, plus search - Ze Dang - wrong

D4, wrong - wrong beauty - Lacan

D5, Lacan - Color Township - Shenhu Zhu Cuobai Marlene

D6, Color Township - Loza - Pushmo Village

D7, Pushi Village - Punan Glacier - Kangma - Jiangyan

D8, Gyangze - Chongbashio - Yadong - Gangba

D9, Gamba - Qudeng Nima Glacier - Shigatse

D10, Shigatse - Lhasa

The loop is about 2,000 kilometers. A pure snow-capped mountain tour is impossible to complete on a 10-day holiday. It is perfectly feasible to watch the small walking in the middle of the road and combine it with the snow-capped mountains. In this article, I will focus on the situation of several hiking routes and Winter plateau equipment needs. If you want to know more about my trip and interesting things in the journey and watching movies, please look forward to my long travel tips. Of course, there are people who are willing to devote themselves to public relations, and I will consider serializing the cool travels.

[equipment list]

Workers must first sharpen their tools for good things. Suitable equipment is an important factor to ensure the completion of the route. The Tibetan Plateau is cold and dry in winter, with an average temperature of around -10 during the day, -20 or so in the evening, and 5-7 in some areas. The wind is strong, and the weather changes with the change of sunshine and altitude throughout the day. How to keep warm is the top priority. My clothing list is as follows:

La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET Down Jacket (If you continue to recommend RAB Bread or Marmot Bread)

Rab 750 ribs down jacket (ribs ribs choice more big brands do not say, domestic Tianshi black ice will do, the middle layer Well, mentioning that some brands of ribs feather down to ultra-light, fabric selection will be very thin, not Too dry, if the outer wear must be far away from the smoker)

Arcteryx beta AR hard shell jacket (nothing to say, good outdoor equipment is to provide more protection in harsh environments, if the plateau, the windproof breathable performance of the jacket is very important, this is worth a little money, it is recommended to buy three layers Adhesive single punch

Arcteryx Covert Cardigan fleece top (Priced to fit, Polartec Thermal Pro double-faced velvet, anti-static treatment is practical in the dry North and Tibet)

Arcteryx Rho LT Zip thermal underwear (price is right, the only benefit is self-cultivation, self-cultivation, self-cultivation)

Patagonia C3 tops (famous C3, recommended only on the day of the 50th, don't waste time)

INOV-8 Wool Underwear*2 (Wool Underwear I am more and more liked, skin feels great, sweat does not change, but the disadvantage is not C3 resistant build Kazakhstan)

Arcteryx gamma AR soft shell pants (still a very important topic of windproof, Trousers I use the environment is not much, soft shell pants performance and comfort is what I need)

Marmot M3 soft shell pants (windproof waterproof version is not as good as birds, the advantage is cheap, resistant to build)

CARVAV Trousers Trousers (replacement trousers, not used throughout, domestic brands, not famous, Taobao bought a quarterly price is very good, do not feel distressed)

Kenyon Polartec Power thick fleece trousers (American brand, no tag, Polartec Power Stretch warm fabric, just work a little bit, the advantage is cheap) Polartec Power Stretch warm fabric

CARVAV Thick Long Pants (No suitable price and number for wool pants, this is a substitute)

CARVAV Thin Quick-drying Qiuku (There is no suitable price and number of wool pants, this is a substitute)

Thin wool trousers produced in Inner Mongolia (for pure warmth, two days without hiking)

Arcteryx wool hat (birthday gift, not selected if you enter)

Arcteryx wool cap (no ear protectors, warm weather with down jacket and hard hat to keep warm. The hat recommends a Mountain Hardwear Airshield windproof fleece hat with ear protection, fabric gray often windproof, once bought a lost no In the girls, the girls are more ugly, suitable for cold regions and plateaus)

Happy Fox Baseball Cap (Sunshine on the plateau can not be ignored in winter, I will bring the baseball cap inside, use a hat to prevent drying, and then bring a wool hat to keep warm)

Smart wool wool socks 6 pairs, two double, four double medium. (Socks are of utmost importance and must be thick socks. The benefits of wool socks are not only warm but not stinky feet, and are the best companions for hiking. The disadvantage is that there is no chemical fiber wear resistance.

OR Ambit Gloves waterproof warm gloves, temperature scale: comfortable -9 ° - limit -26 °, the highlight is the touch screen mobile phone, very sensitive. (The whole process is not used, it's too thick to work)

OR Sensor Glove soft shell gloves, temperature scale-4, can operate touch screen mobile phone, the whole process. In winter, Tibet is very suitable. The skin cannot be exposed at all. There is no glove to move in. The thick gloves are inconvenient. This is best. When walking, the body heat is just right. When you take a break, you can carry your phone.

Marmot Evolution Windstopper soft shell gloves, this is a thin gloves, basically useless, gloves love to throw more than one pair of spare.

Zamberlan 310 hiking shoes women's whole leather shoes is too difficult to buy, and then recommend a Scarpa Delta, other high-end can not buy, very few agents purchase. Buying shoes is best to try it out for yourself. Hai Tao’s tried-and-tested styles are very risky and they have not dared to try them.

Black crystal snow cover (solid work, cheap price)

There are two days of preparation for the start of the trip design preparation, but in the end, due to weather and safety factors, many things have not been used. I will simply list it for reference.

Gregory Deva 60 Big Bag (Designed for women's carrying system, with thick shoulder straps and belts, when buying packages with OSPREY

The Elf 55 tried 20KG on the back and felt that Gao Li's bag was more suitable for the thin one, and the thick waistband was very comfortable.)

Arcteryx , maka2 pockets (soft, but later I think it's more appropriate to bring a small backpack, there is no place to hold water and small snacks on light walks)

KAILAS super light chameleon packet (long-distance travel bag, because ultra-light does not occupy every time every time, this time actually used)

Three peaks floating clouds 210T Four Seasons account (like hubba design, the classic classic, tent consumables have not been willing to luxury, when the time to buy is still cheaper, and now the price is more expensive, the advantage is smaller, find the right single account in)

Tianshi Aurora -20 sleeping bags (winter basically does not camp before deciding to start, usually do not use, too thick, good workmanship, this camp did not camp every day will be used, live in places without heating, thick sleeping bags or necessary)

The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir All Season Seasonal Inflatable Mat has an R-value of 4.9. It is useless to cancel camping (outdoor warm sleeping mats and sleeping bags are the key. I will not save money in this respect. The companion partner uses a silver cymbal R value of 3.5, Plateau must-have, in addition to no bad admission.)

Sea to Summit Ultra-lightweight pillow (you will know how easy it is to use it, three breaths are almost full, the design of the air inlet and outlet is very good, and it guarantees a comfortable sleep)

MSR reactor (nothing to say, plateau necessary)

Soto OD-1RX ultra-light burner (too much like, super-light and fierce, electronic ignition is very good, almost 5000 meters above sea level, my teammates often used to light cigarettes, with the reactor at the plateau 4 people's meals are stressless)

Fire Maple 208 Cookware Aluminum (Affordable)

Fire-Maple Titanium Fork Spoon (this can use titanium, only for light) and unbranded pair of chopsticks, aluminum

A set of travel tea sets (Chaoshan specialties, donkey's dream sister sister gift, special kawaii, put it down, forced to enhance the weapon)

Petzl E87 headlights (no problem with a long time light, most like the silicone battery shell drop, but this section has a bug, that is, the headband and the top of the belt connected parts are easy to break, I have changed two, maybe There is a problem with the design, perhaps the material of the long-term low-temperature wear accessories, but the French origin)

Petzl e+LITE ultra-miniature emergency headlights (looking into the fun bag, ultra-light, ultra-small, portable)

Fenix ​​Phoenix FD40 zoom flashlight (always carried in pockets, two light sources out of doors are required)

BOSE mini speakers (even if the whole world abandons you, music will always embrace you, forcing you to enhance your weapon)

BD lock female trekking poles (aluminum alloy material, no shock absorption, handle more suitable for women, wristband texture is soft and fluff is my favorite point. In the outdoor activities, some money can save, some can not, big bag, Shoes, and trekking poles are the ones I can't save most. I would rather not use them or use 10 yuan for poor quality.)

Hals 1000ml insulated kettle (units made, the insulation effect is very good, economical, the disadvantage is too heavy. Recommend a thermos FEK-800, ultra-light, good insulation effect, the disadvantage is no handle, to own a handle with a The cover is not enough for me to drink like this, so my FEK-800 has been broken since it broke.)

Ravpower solar charging board folding design, easy to hang on the backpack above, originally for hiking, camping mobile phone charging preparation; actually not used.

[Route Raiders]

There are too many hiking routes in Tibet. I am also very willing to put my life time on the way back to Tibet. The small trekking in the eastern part of the Himalayas is also aimed at getting closer to snow mountains and glaciers.

I. Kuraragang and Bailenincuo

Kuolagang Snow Mountain: It is located in Luozha County in the Shannan region of Tibet and is known as one of the “Four Great Mountain Hills” in central Tibet. She stands on the main ridge line in the eastern part of the Himalayas, 7538 meters above sea level, and the main peak is entirely within our country. On the east side, it is 74l8 meters above sea level, Kuragang Riweifeng and Kulagangri III peak at an altitude of 738l meters. In the northeast of it, it is the Kareijiang peak at an altitude of 722l meters and Karelian at an altitude of 72l6 meters. II Peak, the Karel Xinjiang III peak at an altitude of 70l8 meters. Looking from afar, the peaks are side by side, like an upright ice and snow barrier. The weather in Kulagangri area is poor, with low temperatures, large daily differences, and severe winds of grades 7 and 8.

Bai Ma Lin Cuo: Located in the southern part of the Khurokang Snow Mountain, in the Baimaolingou Village of Cuoyu Village, Sexi Township, Luozha County, is one of the four great soul lakes of the Padmasambhava and is also a famous past and present view of the Tibetan lakes. one. The best viewing season is April and May. There will be azaleas on the hillside. The second best season is from September to October.

The starting point of the trekking last year was still in the village of Cuoyu, which was halfway up the hill. In February of this year, the dirt road had been built to the side of Shenhu Lake. We would like to admire Shenhu Lake and the snow-capped mountains just a few kilometers from the opposite side of the mountain ridge. The mountain ridge is about 6 or 7 kilometers away. Looks up to the foot of the snow mountain. Because of the weather, we only walked for more than 4 kilometers this time. We did not have much time to retire. We could not see the Kuragang Snow Mountain on the side of the Shenhu Lake. On the day, the temperature dropped below 10 degrees Celsius. With the rise of altitude, the wind feels about grade 6, 7 and the upper body wears wool underwear, fleece, ribs down and hard shells, lower body Qiuku, fleece pants and soft shells. pants. When the body is hot when climbing, pull the front zipper away and quickly cool down. The effect of the cold is too severe. Gloves and hats must be worn throughout the journey. The average elevation is about 4400. It is climbed into a gravel road and the mountain ridge is an alpine meadow. It is not difficult.

It is the most ideal arrangement to camp here for two days or take a Koragang day to a small mountain pass. There is also a long-term error in the white horse measures, and it is also very beautiful.

I put the initial camping plan for everyone's reference, and the five-star camp of alpine meadows.

The initial plan:

D1: Seishi-Ceokyu-Ji-Jiu-Zhan Encampment

D2: After the sunrise, Giori Mistake crossed to the wrong side of the white horse.

The actual trip

Total 8.7km on foot. On the return trip, I specifically climbed the left side of the hill, and at the green spot, I observed the entrance of Ichigo Mizoguchi.

Hiking photos

In fact, the standard Kuragang Day crossing route is from the Langluo Highway under the northern foot of the river to the White Horse Ditch crossing the Zhangmu Lashankou on the side of the Lakari Snow Mountain to the White Horse Ditch in the south. It takes about four days. The general starting point is The village of Lado in Loza. This road is also the passageway of the former mountain people's visits to the Himalayas.

Cross the route as follows

D1: Geduo Village - Over Laka Ri Dongpo camp reached the valley along the east slope of Lakasyu River along the river valley

D2: Over Lakaji Camp - Tochigi-La Passport

D3: Yamaguchi Camp - Sakaguchi - Egonge Sancuo Lake - Baimaringo Camp

D4: Baimarincu Lake Camp - Takeo - Seongsu

The entire 20km route is a unique route through the snow-capped mountains of the main ridge of the Himalayas. It is close to the snow-capped mountains, the Galaxy of Japan and Japan at night, the lake of gods in the past life, and the sea of ​​flowers in the mountains. . . Small partners We meet the Snow Mountain at Kuragang and go to find the crystal palace of King Sagra. .

In addition to the majestic natural scenery in the Shannan area, there are original cultural scenery, ancient temples such as Sekaguto Temple, Luozhuo Long Temple and Kaji Temple. Interested students can further visit. Oh, yes, there is the famous Lapu hot spring. It's just too cool to walk down and soak in the hot spring. It is initially determined that there will be a lot of heat in the next few years. The friends who want to go leave quickly, and it is very boring to wait for the development of Daocheng Yading.

Second, Punan Glacier

How can I introduce this place to everyone? This is a masterpiece of the snow-capped mountain madness. Almost all of the information on the Punan Glacier on the Internet has been his team-mate Pi Sun, who has benefited a group of people who love Snow Mountain and pay tribute to Pi Shu. We love you!
Below I quote from his travels:

Punan Snow Mountain, a Himalayan main ridge snow mountain in the south of Pumojang. The Punan Snow Mountain is a snow-capped mountain section with a length of 80km on the main ridge of China's Bhutan border. Beibei was historically a disputed area between the two countries. However, our actual control is that there is something east-west from the road between Puma Jiangtang and Kangma. Travel through the valley between the Great Himalayan and Northern Himalayas.

The section of the Pyongan Snow Mountain is divided into three sections. The eastern section consists of the Daxueshan section of the border Xuefeng Peak, Abi Kangxiong and Zengangri. Bhutan is called the platform Snow Mountain. We call it Pune Snow Mountain; the middle section consists of the Kang Pang Zhu Feng. CommScope snow-capped mountains, the main peak of the western section is Tonglijiabu’s Terry Kong Snow Mountain, which is our 40-year-old snow mountain.

Underneath the Punan Glacier is a moraine lake named Zengcuo. We can only drive here.

The place is inaccessible. It can be said that apart from our gang of snakes, there are basically no human shadows. The roads are unclear. The parking spot is not the same as the location of the last stop. We are closer to the upper reaches of the glaciers this time.

My driver has never been to this place. I have turned my body and he has locked the door and can't wait to go to the glacier. So that I did not bring a trekking pole and I was painfully climbing on a soft land of 5,100 meters above sea level.

When it was winter, the Moraine Lake had completely frozen. We walked on the ice and climbed to find a place that seemed to be short. When I climbed, I muttered and did not take a trekking pole. I'm a fool, but Pi Shu is not happy. I feel like I'm muttering. I have learned to say that I'm on a small slope. I'll go up and take my stick! I was not shouted and silently walked. result. . . A slope is a platform, then a slope, then a platform, then a slope, and then a platform. . . .

It took so long to go back to the glaciers, and the huge ice-towered forest was like a SoShu ship parked on the horizon, shocked! No words, only stunned!

The picture can only show one-tenth of its style. I can't describe how shocking the glimmering millennium glacier was. "Death without regret" is the only word that comes into my mind.

Do not talk nonsense, here also happened to let the spit urinary flow wonderful events, to know the story details or pay attention to the travel notes, how to reach and gracious section will also be presented in the travel notes. (Remind that there is a danger here. There are large animals. Because it is Bhutan's Jinmeiduoji National Park that is over the glaciers. They don't have borders. You ask me why I know? The hobbling soul is scared and I don't know. )

Hiking trekking poles are recommended for this section of the trail. The soil is soft and the altitude is high. It is very consuming and it is best to take some high-calorie snacks.

Third, the Qudan Nima Glacier and the Holy Lake

There are many glaciers in the depths of the northern slopes of the Himalayas. The National Geographic of China uses the “end of the world” to describe the Qudeng Nima Glacier, which is located in Changlong Town, Gamba County, Tibet, Shigatse Prefecture. It is the meaning of the “Diamond Solar Tower.” In the Tibetan legend, when the Padmasambhava and the empty line of mothers, Xisuojie, came here, they saw this rolling snow-capped mountain in the sun like a recumbent vajra ( Shantou is Zhuo Muyu Mo Feng), given the name "Duojiqu Deng Nima."

The southern bank of Yeouzangpo is on the southern bank of the river, from the outskirts of Gangba County at 110K to the strong wood village at 174k (to the location of Quyuekou, the location of the Gumu Grottoes). It is 60km along with the Himalaya’s Qudong Nima Snow Mountain and goes to Qu Deng. The road to the sacred lake of Nyima is undoubtedly a landscape avenue.

There is a Qudeng Nyima Temple under the snow-capped mountain of Qu Deng Nima. The master of Padmasambhava was built by Gamba in the middle of the 8th century, and was originally named Dorje Nyima Temple.

There is a story when the shepherd Nankai Ningbo was thinking about life in the earthen hole in the mountain. The mother of Padmasambhava and the mother of the empty line Yixiejie (the son of the Padmasambhava) came. Later, Ningbo became the disciple of Padmasambhava. Together they built three pagodas and their remains are still there.

Qu Deng Nima is also known as the God of Water. It is a spring water. The legendary Padmasambhava Master poked with a stick. It can cure all diseases. Many Tibetans come here to fetch water. We also played two pots of tea. Like a word!

Our destination is two glacier and glacier lakes in Rolagang, legendary east and west holy lakes. It takes more than ten kilometers to go back and forth from Qudong Nima Temple. It climbs from an altitude of 5190 to an altitude of 5300 meters. It is a gravel road with some small snacks and consumes a lot of energy. Do not bring water, remember to bring empty bottles to fetch water.

This is a sacred lake in the hearts of Tibetans. If bathing in this lake will wash away the sins of my life, I will use hands to melt some ice, wash my blood, and leave my only four-leaf clover necklace on the Holy Lake. .

On the plateau trekking, it is very important to master your own rhythm. If you feel tired, you will stop at 10 paces. If you feel tired, then you will not be able to walk 5 times. The rest time should not exceed 5-10 seconds. Slowly continue to go and avoid running and chasing. Before walking, give yourself enough time to adapt to the plateau. Each human body is not the same and the time for adapting to the plateau is not the same. Do not worry. For how to prevent and judge high-risk, I wrote a small text three years ago. The students in need asked me to ask for it.

Tibet in winter is the real paradise. If you are as prepared as I am, then please choose to start in winter. You will see the unique beauty of the world and sigh without regret!

(This article is subject to original protection, if you need to reprint, please contact the original author or this site Xiaoku QQ)

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