Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experimenter / Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Instrument Model: DP/DH2002

NMR experimental instrument / nuclear magnetic resonance model: DP/DH2002 Nuclear magnetic resonance has been widely used in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine since its discovery in 1946. Nuclear magnetic resonance experiments are classical experiments in modern physics experiments. The instrument can observe the 1H and 19F nuclear magnetic resonance signals through an oscilloscope, measure the gN value and the nuclear magnetic moment value, and master and understand the principle and phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance. Features 1. Open magnetic field, can clearly see the permanent magnet, sweep the coil, and can observe the sample position in two dimensions, improve the perceptual knowledge, let the students master the method of achieving uniform magnetic field; 2. The uniformity of the magnetic field, the number of wakes ≥ 10 3, high signal-to-noise ratio, the baseline is very clear, 19F signal is very clear; 4, good seismic performance, will not affect the experimental results due to environmental vibration; 5, frequency stability is good, there are 7 stable frequency readings. Main technical parameters and performance: 1. Signal amplitude: 1H≥200mV; F≥200mV; 2. Signal-to-noise ratio: greater than 45dB; 3. Oscillation frequency: 16~24MHz adjustable, depending on magnetic field; 4. External power supply: voltage 220~240V; 5, sweeping coil: sweeping current 20~500mA; frequency: 50Hz; 6, providing a variety of samples: water mixed with copper sulfate, polytetrafluoroethylene solid, etc.; 7, permanent magnet: field Strong 480mT ± 2%, magnetic field relative uniformity is better than 105, magnetic field gap: 15mm.

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