FD-S Coal Moisture Analyzer Manual

FD-S Coal Moisture Analyzer is the first high-performance, digital moisture measuring instrument that our company introduces foreign advanced technology for the first time in China. The instrument adopts high frequency principle, digital display, the sensor and the main body are integrated, and there are multiple gears for measuring coal moisture. The moisture analyzer has a wide range of moisture measurement, high accuracy, clear display, rapid measurement, stable performance, reliable indicators, and small size and light weight. It can be carried on the spot for rapid detection on the spot, and is simple and convenient to use. Second, the main features 1, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, imported chips, domestic assembly. 2. The unique sensor design and manufacturing method have beyond the general penetration ability. 3. Proprietary sensor technology has a wide working range, which can be inserted for measurement and displayed quickly. 4. Stable performance and excellent quality. 5. The portable instrument shell is a proprietary design. 6. The instrument design is compact and the structure is compact.

Technical parameters of moisture analyzer:

1. Measuring moisture range: 0 ~ 80%

2. Use environment: -5 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
3. Precision:

0% ~ 10% Accuracy: ± 0.1%;
10% ~ 40% Accuracy: ± 0.5%;
40% ~ 80% Accuracy: ± 1%;

4. Response time: 1 second

5. Display: 3-digit LCD digital display

6. Probe length: about 200mm

7. Power supply: 9V (6F22 type) laminated battery

8. Volume: 160 × 60 × 27 (mm)

9. Weight: 200g

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