How to choose label printing equipment according to the market

Under the current market premise, the first thing is to have a correct understanding of the market in order to choose the right label printing equipment according to the current market situation. The premise of choosing the right label printing equipment is based on the correct understanding of the market and the correct analysis of the product structure. Therefore, before talking about the choice of equipment, it is necessary to make a rough analysis of the current situation and prospects of the market. In recent years, from the perspective of the development trend in the international market, the development trend of the label market should be two aspects: first, film labels are increasingly used, especially in-mold labels; second, servo drives have become trend.

Market development trend 1: Film labels have become the mainstream of development, and as market competition has intensified, costs have been valued by businesses. Film labels make it easier to store and transport due to their good material properties; unique ink adaptability. Make the colors more vivid and more suitable for UV printing; the abrasion resistance of printed products has made them more and more popular with users. More and more packaging uses the characteristics of film materials, such as sleeve labels using film materials for heat shrink There is also the use of transparent film materials for printing inside.

As a special film label, in-mold label will become the mainstream of the market. Generally speaking, only about 40% of the actual part of the self-adhesive label is used, which means that 60% of the material (mainly low-base material) will be thrown away, while only about 5% of the in-mold label will be die-cut When it is cleared, the effective utilization rate of the material is up to about 95%. As a label user, there is less cumbersome labeling procedures. Nowadays, the material cost is getting more and more attention, so the market potential market results are clear at a glance.

Market development trend 2: Universal application of servo drives. The development trend of the market is not related to whether the equipment is servo or not, but they are intrinsically inevitable. The development of film labels has become a trend. At present, film materials are relatively expensive. How to generate as little waste as possible in printing is the first consideration for every printing company. This is precisely what servo drives can bring to people. Maximum benefit. Servo transmission essentially changes the traditional transmission principle. The biggest benefit is not the direct accuracy improvement, but the time and material saving.

Generally speaking, for an advanced imported narrow-web rotary printing machine, the material required for registration is about 80 ~ 90m. For the equipment using servo drive, the material consumed is only about 20 ~ 30m, which saves about 60m of material. Saving out is an increase in net profit.

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