Understanding and analysis of variable parameters in the process of making network

In the printing production process, every manufacturer wants to print high-quality products, so it is a very important step to use a controllable process with high reproducibility from before printing. Here we will clearly explain the production process. Important steps in the web process and how to maximize production efficiency and printing accuracy through strict prepress control.

Offset printing companies and digital pattern suppliers are constantly challenging the market share of the screen printing industry in the printed textile market. In order to maintain the competitiveness of the screen printing process, screen printing manufacturers and suppliers have to control the quality of printing production. Raise to a new height. In the aspect of ready-to-wear printing, printing suppliers are striving to strengthen their innovative R & D capabilities, because for ready-to-wear customers, they need to constantly have new, fashionable, and varied decorative effects of ready-to-wear printing. In the traditional graphic printing market, customers demand faster turnover and better prices.
In such a severe competitive environment, printing suppliers are more focused on the maximum efficiency improvement and effective control of each step in the process. Establish and implement standard operating procedures (SOP), Standard Operation Procedure is a management method used by many companies to effectively control the process. Through the establishment and implementation of SOP, the cost can be more accurately estimated and the overspending situation is kept to a minimum. While achieving the minimum redo rate and rejection rate, the profit and on-time delivery rate were maximized.
Understanding and analysis of variable parameters in the process of making network
Before successfully establishing an effective SOP, you must understand the variable parameters of the entire process. The operation process must be able to provide the best feasible solution to control these variable parameters in order to get the most ideal printing quality and efficiency. We will start by establishing a control process by analyzing each step in the process and identifying all factors that may affect quality and stability.
Before standardizing the process, you must understand what affects each variable parameter, so that the entire process cannot maintain very good continuity and reproducibility. When all employees realize that everyone ’s work results will affect the entire During the process, they will actively invest in new quality control planning projects, and they will be proud of their work, which will greatly help to improve their overall awareness, attitude and productivity.
With this kind of thinking in mind, let's take a look at the most important variable parameters in the production part of the screen and how they affect your print quality. In this paragraph we will discuss how to monitor and measure , These important variable parameters. Using a work diary to record these test results will help you to effectively monitor the reproducibility and continuous stability of the entire process, which is also conducive to the timely resolution of problems.
All new screens must be degreased before applying photosensitive adhesive or pasting the photosensitive film. Soft nylon brushes are used to evenly apply the degreasing agent to the surface of the mesh. This additional step helps to clean the screen. At the same time, the brush will be easier to operate and clean when cleaning the net yarn than the laundry and rags. The use of concentrated degreasers is conducive to cost control and lowering the bottom.
It should be noted that while using a high-pressure cleaning head to rinse the screen, it is necessary to avoid some chemicals on the cleaning tank splashing back on the screen. If screen whitening is a problem, then you can consider using a low-pressure water flow to clean the recoil. In order to prevent degreasing or other chemicals from remaining on the frame or left in the empty slot of the frame, you need to clean the frame thoroughly and be careful not to drop any chemicals during the drying process of cleaning the mesh To the surface of the mesh.
In order to reduce pollution problems, it is best to clean the cleaning tank daily and perform cleaning work every three to six months. A better method is to separate the cleaning tank for degreasing from the cleaning tank for cleaning the recovered screen.
After degreasing, the screen (especially wet screen) should not be placed in a dusty place or in front of an unclean fan, otherwise the pollution problem will be more serious. We can use the water absorption machine to absorb the water of the screen immediately after flushing, wipe the screen frame and put the screen in a clean environment until the screen is completely dry. This method of drying the screen is fast. Less pollution.

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