75 square meters modern minimalist small apartment with loft decoration

Is the decoration a clear package or an all-inclusive package? In fact, it seems that the semi-package is a relatively large number of decoration methods. The owner of this case chose to be all-inclusive when renovating, because there is no designer, so the whole part of the decoration design is done by himself. The cabin with attic is generally not very efficient due to the irregular space. But in this city of land, it is the most sensible choice to make good use of every minute. Users with the same type of apartment can refer to it.

Housing renovation:

[decoration owner]: one in eighteen

[Renovation area]: 75.9 square meters

[decoration style]: modern simplicity

[decoration unit type]: two rooms and one hall with loft

[Renovation Keywords]: Two-bedroom, one-bedroom decoration, modern minimalist style decoration   Small apartment loft duplex

Owner's statement:

I met someone on August 11, 2009

On August 15, 2009, someone asked me to marry me at my favorite bar.

On October 15, 2009, someone became my legal husband.


Moving into a new home on February 1, 2010

My friend came to the house to be a guest. My husband made a good meal and chatted. My friend said, "This year, everyone seems to be changing. There have been many things happening. For example, we sold the house and bought it. Some people are married, some have children, and you "friends looked at me and laughed." I said that I didn't want to get married the last minute. I was settled in the next minute, and then moved into a new house. The speed is too fast." Whoever said it right, a lot of things... In this era of not being able to believe in love, flash marriage; in this city where the house price is overwhelming, buy a house.

The new house is bought in a remote place in the city. The house of six complexes and seven houses, the two rooms and one hall, the surface of the building is 75.9 square meters. The duplex space is delivered. It seems to be very cost-effective, but the top of the upstairs space is sloping. The utilization rate is not high. There are no other windows except the two large and small balconies in the north and south. My husband and I decided not to make the bedroom upstairs. It is good to put things.

The husband and wife of the renovation have found all the people who know each other. In order to save money, there is no design, just according to our own ideas. We all hate complicated fancy people. The new house has almost no elements of any design. The purpose of our decoration is: warm and simple. The decoration was all-inclusive and hard-packed for 120,000.

All-inclusive is very labor-saving, but there are many restrictions. For example, picking materials can only be picked up by the shop designated by the decorator, and the choice is too small. We did not ask the designer, although it said that a design fee was saved, but the decoration appeared to be plain and faint. The package was too tiring, and the cost was similar. The agent we bought the house also bought two sets of such houses. The first time we cleared the package, the second time all-inclusive, the result was almost the same.

光硬装就12万 70平两室清包半包谁更省

First go to the room type map. Downstairs, the balcony and the living room were opened, the north bedroom and the kitchen door were knocked out, and the wall was knocked out. A space was created for the restaurant, so that there was a place to eat at the table.

光硬装就12万 70平两室清包半包谁更省

A large mirror can be seen on the upper floor. The door is made up of bookshelves and record holders. When you go upstairs, you will see books on both sides.

光硬装就12万 70平两室清包半包谁更省

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