New stem cells found in skin and bone marrow

New Stem Cells Found in Skin and Bone Marrow Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, Japan A research group has announced that they have discovered new stem cells in human skin and bone marrow that can develop various tissues and organs of the adult body. The new type of stem cells discovered by the research team led by Professor Tokusawa Truth of Tohoku University and Kyoto University Professor Fujiyoshi Haosawa was named "Muse Cells". Since these stem cells are natural cells, they are not easy to become cancerous, and the safety is higher than that of induced multifunctional stem cells (iPS cells) that require gene implantation during culture. This achievement is another advancement in the field of regenerative medicine. The researchers accidentally discovered cells containing "SSEA-3" protein in adult skin and bone marrow tissues. At that time, the researchers added a special enzyme to the skin cells, the other cells died, and only this cell continued to grow, which attracted the researchers' attention. After culturing the cells, they found that they could develop into various tissues such as nerve, smooth muscle, skeletal muscle, liver and so on. After transplanting the cells into the damaged skin and liver of the experimental mice, the cells combined with the affected part and grew into cells unique to the damaged tissue. Because the cultivation of "Muse cells" does not require the implantation of genes like the cultivation of iPS cells, the researchers believe that such stem cells are more safe. However, the proliferation ability of "Muse cells" is weaker than that of iPS cells. Whether or not the sufficient number of cells needed for regenerative medicine will be obtained will be a problem to be solved before "Muse cells" enter the practical stage. The research results will be published in the "Journal of the National Academy of Sciences" in the United States.

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