Wall renovation has misunderstandings

The wall affects the overall image of the house, and the renovation effect of the wall will be improved overall. Wall renovation of second-hand houses, including wall demolishing, shovel ash, etc., these construction steps can not be ignored.

Common Mistakes 1 : Many people think that the load-bearing wall in the room cannot be removed, but the non-bearing wall can be removed. This is actually a big mistake. In fact, not all non-bearing walls can be arbitrarily removed. The so-called non-bearing wall refers to the wall surface composed of a column frame of reinforced concrete. The non-load bearing wall is a secondary load-bearing component, but at the same time it is an extremely important support for the load-bearing wall. In the case of a certain space, it is not too much problem to remove the non-bearing wall or make a hole in the wall. However, if there are many cases in which the non-bearing wall is arbitrarily demolished in the whole building, the structure of the building will be greatly reduced. Shock resistance.

  How to deal with it: The wall can't be dismantled but it can be used as reasonably as possible. Decorating the wall with wallpaper or hanging paintings will have a good effect ! Or installing a closet on the wall is also a good choice.

  Common Misunderstanding 2 : The wall of the second-hand house looks very new. It does not need to shovel the old wall to directly let the construction team refresh the putty layer on the wall. This is a big mistake, and the new layer of putty has slowly peeled off after a while. The root cause is that the old walls are not shoveled !

  How to deal with it: If you only decorate a room for one or two years, the water-resistant putty can be completely removed without brushing it. After grinding the wall with steel brush and sandpaper, you can repaint the latex paint. It should be noted that the water-resistant putty for more than five years must be removed to the bottom of the wall during renovation and renovation due to aging of the material. Otherwise, it will affect the construction quality of the wall latex paint and the long-term use after decoration. In addition, when the wall is removed, the construction team should be required to remove the switch and socket panel of the wall and mark it to prevent mistakes during reinstallation and affect the appearance of the wall.

  Common Misunderstanding 3 : The wall has water seepage marks, and it is finished with latex paint. The situation of water seepage in the wall is a long-term problem. If it is not handled well, it will lay the groundwork. This problem must be found in a professional construction team to carry out thorough wall leakage prevention construction.

  Coping method: During construction, the construction personnel are required to focus on cleaning the base surface, remove the surface dirt and clean it. If necessary, use polymer cement paste to brush 2-3 times to enhance the bonding ability between the mortar and the base. Strictly control the marking and quality of the mortar. It is recommended to use the cement mortar with microfiber and water reducing agent to make the leveling layer or the waterproof layer. Before the construction of the facing project, it is required that the base surface and the brick of the wall are wetted first and dried. When the facing brick is attached to the waterproof layer, the polymer cement slurry should be scanned once. If the bottom layer is flat, the emulsion of the polymer cement-based composite coating may be directly applied to the surface layer by cement and the bonding layer and the waterproof layer are combined into one.

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