3. The purpose of the comprehensive test chamber and the test standards it can meet

The three-combined test chamber is mainly the fault of the climate chamber and the vibration test machine. During the test, the temperature, humidity, vibration, air pressure and electrical stress are integrated in the same climate test chamber to the sample for temperature and humidity vibration according to the prescribed cycle. Comprehensive test. Compared with the effect of a single factor, the comprehensive environmental factor is to discover new product defects, in the development of new products, prototype testing to the product.

The three comprehensive test chambers can meet the following standards: GB / 5170.2-1996 electrical and electronic products environmental test equipment parameter verification method (temperature test equipment), GB2423.1-89 electrical and electronic products basic environmental test procedures (test A low temperature test method) 、 GB2423.2-89 Basic environmental test regulations for electrical and electronic products (Test B high temperature test method), GB / T2423.3-93 Basic environmental test regulations for electrical and electronic products (Damp heat test method), GJB150.3-86 military equipment environmental test Method (high temperature test)

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