XZN-3 Instructions for use

XZN-3 series rotary viscosity measuring instrument is a general-purpose viscosity measuring instrument that meets T0625-2000 standard. Compared with similar products, it has a wide measurement range (up to 15,000,000mPa? S), high measurement accuracy, stable measurement data, man-machine The interface displays the whole process of measurement and other characteristics. It uses a 4-inch touch screen as a man-machine interface, with Chinese menu and easy operation.

eyebrow scissors, hand-finished, specially designed for trimming eyebrows, so that when the excess eyebrows are cut, the shape of the eyebrows is more comfortable, and the special stainless steel material is used, which is not easy to rust, safe, reliable and durable, and can be used to trim eyebrows. The eyebrow scissors head is a bit more curved and more convenient to operate.

Small Scissor Lift

Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors

Beauty Scissors

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