Use of high and low temperature test chamber series

Environmental testing is a test that exposes a product to a natural or artificial simulated environment to evaluate its performance under storage, transportation, and use conditions that may actually be encountered. Simply put, it is a test of the environmental adaptability of a product.

The high and low temperature test box is suitable for the necessary testing equipment in the fields of aviation, automobiles, home appliances, scientific research, etc. The high and low temperature test box is to adjust the temperature in the box to a given value by a certain method, and conduct the experiment under this condition. In response to experimental requirements. That is, a test chamber that can simultaneously apply temperature stress. In short, it refers to the test chamber whose temperature is controlled within the specified range.

Use of high and low temperature test chamber series

Temperature and humidity are important factors that affect device performance. They can cause corrosion of mechanical parts, reduce the finish of the metal mirror surface, cause errors or performance degradation of the mechanical parts of the instrument; cause corrosion of the aluminum film of optical components such as gratings, reflectors, focusing mirrors, etc., resulting in insufficient light energy, stray light, Noise, etc., even the instrument stops working, which affects the life of the equipment. It should be corrected regularly during maintenance. There should be a laboratory with constant humidity in all seasons, equipped with constant temperature equipment, especially a laboratory located in the southern region.

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