Breakthrough in the development of ultraviolet aging test chamber

The current situation faced by the instrumentation industry is: China's ultraviolet aging test chamber industry faces both opportunities and challenges under the severe situation of large-scale foreign investment and surge in imports. Chinese UV aging test chamber enterprises are not limited to the development of low-end and mid-range products. The leading companies in the industry already have the ability to achieve breakthrough progress and monopoly in certain high-tech fields. On the one hand, give full play to the comparative advantages of the industry, consolidate and expand the status and achievements in the field of general products, on the other hand, make breakthroughs in the field of scientific instruments and test control high technology, narrowing the gap is the development path of domestic enterprises.

Throughout the world's most important industrial powers, its UV aging test chamber manufacturing industry is relatively developed. For China, which is marching towards an industrialized country, how to develop a good instrumentation industry is crucial.

According to the sources of capital and technology, there are two main modes for developing the instrumentation industry in the world: one is based on domestic funds and technology, and the other is based on foreign capital and technology. Industrially developed countries generally adopt the first model, while developing countries often adopt the second model due to conditions.

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