The main technical features of gas chromatography analysis system in transformer oil

Main technical features:

1. Realize computer real-time control and data processing:

l By connecting the instrument's own digital interface, the GC-9560 data acquisition and control software in the computer can display the chromatogram in real time, and read the current state of the instrument and parameter settings, etc .;

l Through the user-friendly software operation interface, it is very convenient for users to set parameters including various temperatures, Cheng Sheng, detectors, bridge flow, etc .; intuitive operation includes FID automatic ignition, switching bridge flow, opening and closing temperature control, and various times Events and other functions;

l The instrument can be extended with 10 / 100M Ethernet interface, which can be connected to the instrument through a remote computer to achieve remote data collection and management. The freedom of the device is improved, and the effective application of the laboratory is promoted.

2. High-precision, stable and reliable temperature control system:

l The main control circuit adopts advanced function microprocessor, large-capacity FLASH and EEPROM memory, which makes the data storage more reliable; at the same time, the integrated design of measurement, control and power supply on a circuit board improves the resistance of the instrument Interference and reliability;

l The temperature control circuit of the microprocessor is adopted, and the temperature accuracy of the controlled object in each heating zone reaches 0.1 degrees;

l The column box has dual over-temperature protection devices. If the temperature of any channel exceeds the setting, the instrument will stop heating and report the fault location on the display;

l Intelligent double rear door opening technology to ensure that the instrument can have good temperature control accuracy when the oven temperature is close to room temperature, and can quickly cool down;

3. Simple and clear man-machine dialogue interface, easy to operate, easy to learn and use

l The instrument adopts large-screen LCD liquid crystal Chinese character display technology, which is intuitive to display, easy to operate, and more suitable for China's national conditions;

l Self-diagnosis function, can display the fault location;

l Touch keyboard is convenient for users to set various operation data;

l Data power-off protection function, the operating data set by the instrument can be saved for a long time after power-off;

l With stopwatch function;

The storage function of ten kinds of analysis parameters is suitable for multi-sample analysis occasions.




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