Advantages of high and low temperature impact box

The high and low temperature impact box is used to test the repeated resistance of the material to high and low temperatures and the chemical change or physical damage of the product during thermal expansion and contraction. It can confirm the quality of the product, from precision IC to heavy machinery components. It is an indispensable test box for product testing in various fields.

The high and low temperature impact box can independently set the function of three different conditions of high temperature, low temperature and cold and hot impact, and when performing cold and hot impact conditions, you can choose the two-slot type or three-slot type and the impact of cold and hot impact At present, the two-box high and low temperature test box and the three-box high and low temperature test box are the most widely used in the market, which has the function of high and low temperature testing machine. Equipped with fully automatic, high-precision system loops, any machine action, fully PLC lock processing, all adopt PID automatic calculation control, and high temperature control accuracy.

High and low temperature impact box can set the number of cycles and the number of defrosting automatic (manual) defrosting. Detection and control of the air outlet and return air inlet sensors, the switching time of the air door mechanism is relatively short, and the recovery time of cold and hot shock temperature can be reached within a few minutes. The product size can be customized according to the requirements of customers, which ensures the high efficiency and energy saving of the equipment, the structure is tight and the atmosphere is easy to use. During operation status display and curve display, when an abnormal situation occurs, the fault point and cause are automatically displayed on the screen immediately and a method for troubleshooting is provided. When a special abnormality is found, an emergency stop device is provided.

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