Adhesive printing process and its precautions

The so-called stickers printing is the trademark, label, advertising layout pattern printed on a special composite paper, the composite paper is a good quality surface paper (back) coated with adhesive water, bonded to the surface of wax coating On the bottom of the paper. When used, as long as the bottom paper is peeled off, the self-adhesive paper with graphic and text can be directly affixed to goods or other objects. Because the adhesive printed material has the advantages of easy tearing, strong adhesiveness, flexible use, wide adaptability, and convenient continuous multiple-adhesion, it is widely used in social and economic life, and the market prospect is very broad.

At present, there are two kinds of offset printing and embossing techniques used in sticker printing. The machine structure is divided into three types: circular press, round press, flat press and flat press.

Larger products such as advertisements with large printing plates are printed with round presses or flattened offset presses and embossing presses. The product quality and printing efficiency can be relatively satisfactory. The small-format multi-imposition structure and the need for die-cutting, stamping of trademarks, label products, the most suitable for the use of adhesive trademark printing press printing. This type of machine has the characteristics of ink and printing mechanism of two kinds of printing machines, glue and convex, which gathers one machine. It adopts roll-type self-adhesive paper and can complete multi-color printing, hot foil, film coating, die cutting, and rewinding at one time. Scraps and slitting processes. The machine can use metal plate and resin plate printing. Due to the modular structure, it can flexibly and conveniently add or remove a functional component according to the characteristics of the print. The machine's paper feed structure and take-up structure are basically similar to that of the flexographic printing press. The difference is that a mechanism for controlling the step printing of the paper is added during the entire process of travel. The agency requires strict time control and positioning controls, or it will affect the accuracy of overprinting.

The direction of the paper is different from the general printing method when the web is printed by adhesive printing, and it is overprinted by moving in the axial direction. That is, three printing plates are simultaneously mounted on the printing plate cylinder. When the adhesive paper moves once on the printing platen, the printing plate cylinder rotates one time in the horizontal direction to realize the printing of one color. To print a three-color overprinted label, the sticker must be moved three times on the platform to complete the full-page overprint job. The advantage of this kind of printing structure is that it simplifies the construction of the equipment and reduces the size of the machine. However, due to the short printing stroke, the printing products are not easy to dry, which is not conducive to the completion of large-area wet-press printing, and is more suitable for small-area overprinting. Or overprint. Judging from the form of the embossed structure, the printing quality of the flattened sticker machine is better than that of the flat pressing machine, especially in the printing field layout, and the ink layer can achieve uniform and thick good results. The flattening structure of the self-adhesive machine, printing a large area of ​​the field version is easy to make the layout (print) appear "oil" like ink layer, printing quality is not satisfactory, only suitable for small layout printing.

After the printing is completed, the self-adhesive products can also be bronzing, laminating, die-cutting, and slitting processes on-line. On-line simultaneous operation of self-adhesive products, layout design should take full account of the characteristics of the equipment, to avoid large-area field layout overprint, so that printing, bronzing, film can get better results.

Hot foil stamping is an indispensable technology for adhesive products to dominate the market. The use of electro-aluminum for decoration of copperplate stickers and plastic film stickers on the plate surface will greatly increase the added value of goods. However, if the process is not proper, aluminum foil hot stamping of adhesives, such as printing on the surface, weak adhesion of aluminum foils, burrs on the edges of the layout, will seriously affect the market image of the product. Therefore, the background ink cannot be printed too thick, and the process should be as deep and thin as possible. That is to say, the hue of the ink should be deepened, so that the ink layer can be thinner to meet the requirements of the original and be conducive to aluminum foil. The strong adhesion, at the same time will not produce a hot stamping ink that pulls the ground ink. In order to make the hot foil layout clear, the zinc plate should be properly etched deeper, so that a certain amount of height difference is formed between the hot plate surface and the blank area to avoid appearance. Because the foil pressure is correspondingly larger than the printing pressure, in order to avoid the lining from pressing and deforming to induce the burr on the edge of the aluminum panel, the cushion (liner) should be made of medium-hard material with small deformation coefficient, good flatness, and guaranteed hot Printing effect, so that the quality of batches of products consistent. In addition, if the hot stamping effect is not good and there are quality defects such as hot stamping, hair growth, and poor adhesion, the above-mentioned conditions cannot be overcome in the technical operation measures. Replace the hot stamping foil with better quality grades to improve the hot stamping. effect.

As long as we understand and understand the principle and process of adhesive printing process correctly, and consider various situations and causes that affect quality, and take corresponding technical measures, we will be able to print a variety of self-adhesive products that are welcomed by the market for product quality. printed matter.

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