Description of the spray device of the salt spray test chamber

Description of the spray device of the salt spray test chamber

The salt spray test chamber evaluates the ability of the salt spray corrosion of the material and its protective layer, as well as the process quality comparison of similar protective layers, and can also evaluate the ability of some products to resist salt spray corrosion. What is the box structure system of the salt spray test box, and what are the precautions, let's take a look!

Spray gas source: compressed air should pass through the filter to purify the oil; then enter the saturated barrel with distilled water for humidification, the temperature should be higher than the test temperature in the salt spray test box. Finally, enter the sprayer through the pressure regulating valve, and the pressure should be controlled within the range of 0.3 ~ 0.6M · Pa.

Spray system: composed of sprayer, brine tank and baffle. One or more sprayers can be used. Adjustable baffle can prevent salt spray from spraying directly on the sample. The position of the sprayer and baffle has an effect on the uniform distribution of the salt spray.

Brine tank: In order to ensure uniform spraying, there should be a device to maintain a certain liquid level. Adjust the spray pressure, the temperature of the saturated barrel water and the position of the baffle to make the salt mist settle in the tank and the collection speed.

Among them, the salt mist collector: at least two collectors are placed in the box, one near the nozzle and one away from the nozzle. The collector is made of glass and other inert materials with a funnel shape with a diameter of 10cm and a collection area of ​​80cm2. The funnel tube is inserted into a container with a scale. The medicinal wine collects salt mist instead of liquid dripping from the sample or other parts.

Note: Before using different solutions for the test, the salt spray test box must be thoroughly cleaned. Before placing the sample, the equipment should be run empty for at least 24 hours, and the pH of the collected liquid must be measured to ensure that the pH of the entire spray period is within the specified range.

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