The new home does not need to wait for 4 clean taste and pollution-free wall paint recommendations

Recommended product one: Dulux super easy to wash and smell matte wall paint

Reference price: 198 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Dulux ultra-easy washable matte wall paint adopts innovative cleansing formula and advanced production technology to fully filter harmful impurities, making the product more environmentally friendly and fresher. At the same time, the original high-tech "super abrasion factor" is retained to form a protective layer with a unique structure on the surface of the paint film. The paint film is harder, and even if it is subjected to repeated scrubbing more times, no traces are left. .

Dulux Super Easy Washable Matte Wall Paint

Editor's comment : The biggest function of this product is the super scrub resistance function, so it is very suitable for families with children. Matte formula is also very suitable for simple style, pastoral style decoration. Pure flavor formula also makes life worry-free. Good value for money.

Recommend product two: Oulong Onnis clean taste full effect wall paint

Reference price: 140 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : On the basis of preserving the excellent function of wall paint, Oulong Onnis Pure Taste Full Effect Wall Paint adopts the latest international polymer research results-ECO clean taste technology, which greatly reduces the residual odor of each component of the product The indoor air is more purified, making it more comfortable and healthy. Meet the needs of the people who install and live.

Oulong Onnis Pure Taste Full Effect Wall Paint

Editor's comment : Oulong paint is famous for wood paint, but the performance of this wall paint is also very good. On the basis of comprehensively solving the wall problem, it highlights the cleansing function and is suitable for decoration owners who install and live. The price of 140 yuan a barrel is also very attractive.

Recommended product three: Nippon "Li clean smell" interior wall latex paint

Reference price: 248 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Nippon "Nippon Cleanroom" interior wall latex paint adopts the innovative "Nippon Cleanroom Technology", does not rely on adding flavors to mask the pungent "lacquer" smell, but through strict implementation of the production system Achieving a "true taste", whether in the construction process or after painting, will give you a natural and pure environment.

Nippon "Li clean taste" interior wall latex paint

Editor's comment : This product has high-quality raw materials and innovative "lijie technology". The unique lijie factor makes it easy to clean and scrub resistant. The wall is immediately clean as new; good hiding power, high whiteness, and resistance Alkali is mildew-proof and easy to apply, helping you easily create a perfect wall with delicate, smooth and clean paint.

Recommended product four: Nippon "Jingwei 120" moisture-proof interior wall latex paint

Reference price: 199 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Nippon "Jianwei 120" moisture-proof interior wall latex paint, adopts Nippon Ambient Taste Technology, without adding flavors, quickly purifies the flavor, allowing you to get rid of the trouble of odor and easily create a healthy and environmentally friendly natural and pure space. The high-quality anti-alkali performance can prevent moisture and fix the wall surface, making the paint film lasting as new, suitable for the renovation of second-hand houses.

Nippon "Jingwei 120" moisture-proof interior wall latex paint

Editor's comment : The unique microporous breathing film technology and double anti-mold formula make the paint film breathe freely, the wall is breathable and moisture-proof, and it is not easy to grow mold. It will give you long-term health care;

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