In-depth analysis of "color brightness" projector products

For consumers, the most important thing to buy a projector is to care about the brightness of the product. However, with the increasing proportion of people's color output, the definition of "brightness" has quietly changed. At present, there is a dispute between the "white brightness" and "color brightness" measurement standards on the market, and the parameter standard of "color brightness" seems to be unclear to many users, so what exactly is this standard? What kind of projector? Does the product "color brightness" perform better?

The parameter "color brightness" was first proposed by Epson and in 2009. In the past 2012, the International Information Display Association has written the color brightness CLO indicator for the first time in the "Information Display Measurement Standard IDMS". This shows that the color brightness parameter has become one of the international standards, and we believe in the future. This indicator will become an important reference for the user to choose a projector.

As far as the current market is concerned, the brightness base of the projector product is based on the measurement results of the white image, but in the actual application of the projector, the color screen synthesized using the three primary colors of red, green and blue has become our demonstration, Most of the projection process. For the DLP projection products currently on the market, due to the increase in the working mode of the white color wheel, the brightness of the white is increased, and the corresponding color brightness is reduced. In this case, when the projector projects a color image The brightness that a single-chip DLP projector can achieve is only one-fifth of its nominal value.

However, another 3LCD technology projector product currently on the market can significantly improve this situation. The 3LCD projector product uses a 3-chip LCD (HTPS) to achieve triple projection. In the projection process, a projector method that generates a brighter, natural, and softer image to the eyes.

In the projection process, the 3LCD projector first decomposes the light emitted by the bulb into three light sources of red, green and blue, and gives them shapes and actions through independent liquid crystal plates, and then passes the three primary colors through the middle prism. The images of different colors are projected after mixing. Since the three light sources are continuously projected at the same time, the projector can use the light sources more efficiently, bringing a brighter and clearer image to the user. Therefore, the color brightness of the 3LCD projection should be consistent with the white brightness, so the projector using the 3LCD technology should become the main force for the current user to buy a printer.

Recently, we have also seen Epson's commitment to vigorously develop related 3LCD projector products. For new products, Epson also used the new crystal high-definition technology for the first time. This technology has an inorganic liquid crystal panel with vertical alignment technology, which can help users obtain high contrast and high quality smoothing effects. In addition, products using this technology, It can achieve 10,000 lumen color brightness and white light brightness value, which provides a new and better choice for projection use in the auditorium environment.

In addition, Epson has launched related 3LCD technology projection products for the business market, the home projector market, and the education projector market, and the product indicators are marked with a new indicator of color brightness. A new standard for measuring color output is quickly recognized by the market and users, becoming an important reference for users to choose projector products.

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